Most people have some experience with romance. Whether they are currently in love, were once in love, lost their love, are working on their love, or are pining for love, relationships are at the core of human DNA. To add insult to injury, the media often portrays personal relationships in extremes in most modern venues, capitalizing on the hard drama of a sudden death or the explosive moment the hard-to-get becomes the got.

However, real relationships generally fall somewhere in the middle of the extremes, and treading middle ground does not make them any less worth exploring. It is with this in mind that Tyler Chin-Tanner, one-half of the founding pair of publishing company A Wave Blue World, looks to explore the middle ground with his latest anthology: Loved & Lost.

Those of you who have been following our Kickstarter Watch series may recognize Tyler from the work he did on the Broken Frontier Anthology. A successful campaign led to a gorgeous hardcover  anthology landing on supporter’s doorsteps filled to the brim with talent and whimsy.

Maintaining the same project quality Tyler and his team at A Wave Blue World aspire to time and time again, Loved & Lost promises to be a full color, soft-backed anthology with nine stories tucked neatly inside. Complimenting Tyler’s writing is an array of artistic talent, some new and some old, bringing the stories on the page to life.

The cover was done by Spider-Gwen‘s Robbi Rodriguez, and the stories inside were visually crafted by Mac Cooper (White Knuckle Birthday), Jason Copland (DaredevilPop), Ayşegül Sınav (Broken Frontier Anthology), and many more representing a large scale of comic talent. Perhaps the best news is that Loved & Lost is almost complete, and the Kickstarter will help give it the final push into printing that it needs.

If the campaign is successful, the book is set to debut at Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con, with backers hooked in for behind-the-scenes process information and sneak peaks leading up to the copies arriving at their door. Supporters also have the chance to net a variety of prints, a signed book plate, digital content, and so much more if they sign on during the Kickstarter campaign and help the anthology meet its goal.

Given the previous success of other projects, and A Wave Blue World’s commitment to producing well made, well told stories, supporting this campaign should be a no-brainer. An easy $20 scores a soft covered copy of the book, and the rewards only get better from there. So don’t wait! This project was slated to be live for roughly two weeks, and with almost half the funds already raised it is sure to be a success.

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