Wondering when the Man Without Fear was going to be returning to Netflix? Well, wait no longer. We finally have an answer! Netflix released a new trailer today revealing the release date for the next season of Daredevil. The trailer doesn’t reveal much about what lies in wait for Matt Murdock. In fact, it highlights the major points from the first one with some subtle – and not so subtle – hints at what’s to come.

There had been some speculation earlier this week that the second season would launch the night that Batman vs. Superman would premiere. After that film had switched dates so as not to conflict with Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War people got a kick out of the idea that perhaps Daredevil would return to give the movie a run for it’s money.

Sadly, we won’t be seeing Marvel/DC match up this year.

Season 2 of Daredevil will come to your computer screens on March 18th!

That’s surprisingly less than a year since the first season was released and yet somehow it doesn’t feel like soon enough. (Probably because we all marathoned through it on day one… and will do that again.) This earlier date could mean we’ll see Luke Cage out in October or November of this year – similar to when Jessica Jones premiered. But only time will tell.

Until then, let’s get pumped for March and the MCU debuts of Frank Castle and Elektra!

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