With the fourth season of Agents of SHIELD firmly underway, we’ve seen the Marvel classic Ghost Rider character come to life on screen beside Daisy Johnson’s Quake, Phil Coulson, and the rest of the Agents of SHIELD. At New York Comic Con this year, we spoke to executive producer Jeph Loeb and cast members Clark Gregg (“Phil Coulson”), Chloe Bennet (“Daisy Johnson/Skye/Quake”), and Gabriel Luna (“Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider”). While some interesting tidbits were divulged, the majority of the season remained a secret, unfortunately.

Loeb talked to us about adapting Jason Mara’s Director Mace as the Marvel Inhuman character Patriot for the screen, and skirted around SHIELD‘s involvement with the Marvel Netflix shows with another #ItsAllConnected blast. (Jeph, we know it’s not actually all connected, you don’t have to keep drinking the kool aid).

Our brief time with Clark Gregg gave us a little insight into his role as an agent this season, having to answer to a new director, as well as his reaction to a character like Ghost Rider appearing in the show. There’s some mention of the Defenders and questions about potential crossovers, but Gregg fielded the questions easily and the dream seems dead, at least for now.  

With the new season, Daisy has once again undergone a new transformation. Darker and edgier, this new version of an old character is suffering through a pretty rough mourning period. Chloe Bennet talked a little bit about what we might be looking to see in the upcoming season with Daisy’s transformation, and also expressed some hope in a revival of Skye — at least personality-wise.

Being the new kid on the block doesn’t seem to have phased Gabriel Luna as he takes on a signature role from the Marvel comics universe. Robbie Reyes, a new iteration from Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider, seems like a role made for Luna. He talked about getting the role and a little bit about the preparation that went into the role. With a lot of enthusiasm, we’re as excited as he is to see what he has in store for the season.


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