Synopsis of 3×06: After being kidnapped by Amaru, Richie wakes up in an abandoned asylum and calls Seth for help. Sensing a trap, Seth brings them the team – and Amaru unleashes a demon like no other.


Let me start off by saying how viciously sad I am at the ending of this episode. I’ve heard that Freddie’s family is coming back into play, but damn am I sad about Ximena. Like, yeah there was some serious brother/past development with the Geckos, but I’m really disheartened now.

Anyways, another week, another play on a classic horror film trope, the age old crazy asylum bit. Add to that the fact that the team immediately split up and we’ve got ourselves a guaranteed wild ride.

We see Richie wake up in a straitjacket after watching a flashback of Amaru controlling a guard’s mind after she’s taken control of him and we watch him go and kill everyone within the asylum. It’s an important little scene that tells us just how much control Amaru has over someone. In the episode we watch as Richie lures the gang into a predictable trap and take them out one by one.

But he doesn’t kill them.

Amaru has awoken his “shadow side”, which is the different version of him that lives in Xibalba. So the Richie we see this episode isn’t completely foreign. We see that in the scenes between him and Seth, and especially when Richie explains that he will only go to Xibalba if Seth goes with him. The only reason he doesn’t kill everyone there is because he’s saving them for Seth, as a tribute to Amaru and a ticket into Hell with Richie. It’s endearing in a creepy serial killer kind of way.

The episode is chock full of great little scenes and moments that really pinpoint the show’s attention to detail. I loved Scott’s Fanglorious t-shirt. El Rey, you can send me one of those if you want. Or sell them, and I’ll just hand you my money on the spot. There’s the character of Pablo (as in Escobar) who is pretty much the best crackpot in the world, and probably got his hands on Netflix when he was released. I really appreciated the first shot we get of Freddie asleep, and as he goes to answer his phone there’s a ripped open condom wrapper on his nightstand right before we get the obvious reveal that Ximena is next to him in bed. The layers of the show make the show as much as the plot does; it makes the show fun to watch and rewatch.

One of the biggest reveals we get this episode is the fact that Richie set their dad on fire. It comes at an emotional point when Seth has to come to grips with the fact that if he wants to save his brother he has to set him on fire as well. Props to DJ Cotrona and Zane Holtz for delivering some excellent scenes together. It’s episodes like this that showcase their depth and breadth as actors.

Then of course, the inevitable set up for the next arc and subplot between the characters is the death of Ximena. It was never meant to last, but boy was I heartbroken to see her go. In a classic move, we see her confess that she loves Freddie, only to promptly be killed by her while he is under Richie’s control. Her death feels like they’re fridging her, if I’m being honest, because now it’s going to be all about Freddie’s anger and his pain. The show has massively grown in three seasons, but I’m not loving the sudden decrease in female stars. Venganza is on the run, Santanico is god knows where, Kate is now playing the antagonist, Dakota might be starting to gain a position in the group soon, but now Ximena has died. I’m going to need them to step up the female count soon, because I’m missing my complex female characters.

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