Say it ain’t so, is it really the final day of Star Trek: Mission New York? Yes, it is, but that doesn’t mean it is time to pack and go yet! Sunday has got a jam packed schedule full of panels that you won’t want to miss.

Don’t forget to check them out and make your final run of the vendor floor to pick up those precious collectibles you’ve been eyeing! You can find the full Sunday schedule HERE, but for your convenience we’ve pulled out our highlights below!

One Trek Mind Live – 10:30AM-11:30AM

Come hang out and prepare to argue! Star Trek columnist and host Jordan Hoffman will be bringing the heat as he and the audience work together to create official Top 10 Lists for things like best episodes, or the most useless alien species. Contributors from the audience may have the chance to get prizes.

The FanBros Interview Julie Nimoy – 10:30AM-11:30AM

Sit down and listen as the FanBros interview Julie Nimoy, daughter of Leonard Nimoy, about her upcoming documentary as well as her family and the influence of Star Trek on her life.

The Women of Star Trek Reflect on 50 Years – 12PM-1PM

Come listen as a few of the much-beloved female actresses from Star Trek discuss the franchise, their characters, and their hopes for the future of women in television.

Auction of Leonard Nimoy’s Personal Items – 1:15PM-2:15PM

This will be one of the few chances fans of Nimoy will have to own some of his personal items, including Star Trek memorabilia. The auction floor will open early, at 12:30PM, so that interested parties are able to preview the available items. All proceeds will be donated to the UCLA Foundation to go toward their research of COPD.

One-on-one with Roddenberry – 1:30PM-2:30PM

Come and hang out with Gene Roddenberry’s son, Rod, as he discusses his father’s legacy and the life of the franchise. Get to know Rod in this intimate panel, and see some of his vision for the future of Star Trek.

Trek Talks: NASA – 1:30PM-2:30PM

Learn about the future of space exploration from the experts themselves – the real Captain Kirks of the world. How closely does NASA’s work reflect what was shown in Star Trek, and what does space exploration look like moving forward, as technology improves?

Trek Talks: I’m a Doctor D*mnit: Trek & the Future of Healthcare – 2:30PM-3:30PM

In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, fans will remember Dr. Leonard McCoy stopping by a lady on dialysis and lamenting the – to him – outdated medical care she was receiving. With a magic pill, he insisted she’d be cured. How does the hopeful future of healthcare as portrayed in Star Trek stack up to what we see today, and what we may hope to see in the future? Listen as professionals discuss the possibilities.

From Russian with Love: A Chat with Walter Koenig – 3PM-4PM

Come listen to Walter Koenig recount his journey in Star Trek as the much beloved Chekov, and see what he took away from it all these years later.

Tales from the Captain’s Chair: A Conversation with William Shatner – 4PM-5PM

The one and only William Shatner will be in the house, open and ready to discuss his longstanding role as Captain Kirk and answer any burning questions about his time on the franchise. Will he finally get a part in one of the new Star Trek movies? He probably doesn’t know, but someone is bound to ask, and his response will probably be amusing.

That’s what we’ve got for everyone, as the convention winds to a close toward the end of the day. Like we said above, it will be your last chance to grab any of the awesome swag you may have been making heart eyes at this entire time, so I’m here to enable you: get it! Get it, before it is gone. Enjoy the rest of the convention, and keep your eyes peeled for our post-convention coverage as we sum up Star Trek: Mission New York and bask in the memories of this amazing con.

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