Synopsis for 2×10: Travis tries to keep Chris sheltered from the new ways of the world and Alicia makes a new ally while searching for Ofelia, her mother, and Strand.


The episode opens on a flashback to the wedding that Madison and her group witnessed the aftermath of when getting into the hotel. The bride and groom dance while the bride’s mother tells the hotel worker overseeing the festivities that they might have to leave early for fear that the borders will close with the news of sickness. When the bride’s father collapses of a heart attack in the middle of the father-daughter dance, he turns and attacks the bride before any help can be brought in. The hotel staff locks the entire wedding party in the room.

Three episodes into the second half of season two and we finally check back in on Travis and Chris. Did anyone miss Travis’ stubborn cling to optimism and Chris’ determination to break his father of all that is good in the world? They find a car and, while Travis goes about fixing it, Chris enters a gas station and robs another group of their food and water. Without telling his father, he makes it back to the car and they flee.

Chris is curious about Travis’ plans, as are we the audience, and his deflection about what’s next comes in the form of teaching Chris to drive. He’s still suffering foot lacerations from running after Chris barefoot, but convinced that one day things will go back to the way they were. He tells Chris that they can get back what they lost, but Chris asserts, “Not everything.”

When the car finally runs out of gas, Travis has Chris pull over to the side of the road and they make camp. They end up eating the stolen beans and Travis reminisces about a camping trip they went on once. They also discuss their plans of what next – Travis wants to find a place to bunker down and shoots down Chris’ idea of going to the border. Their conversation is cut short when a car finds their location and they’re forced to abandon camp and hide.

Alicia is still stuck in her hotel room on an upper floor, watching the infected roam the hallways and biding her time until she can escape. When she finally leaves the room, she’s running from the infected and looking for Ophelia. It only takes so much time for her to get cornered and Alicia is forced to jump into an elevator shaft. A woman one floor above her helps her climb up and out, away from the infected, and then threatens her with an axe asking here where “he” is.

Travis comes out of hiding when the stranger from the gas station calls out to them, stopping Chris from taking the pipe from him and threatening the group with it. They introduce themselves as Brandon, Derek, and Baby James and offer to make camp with Travis and Chris. Travis has the unfortunate honor of breaking the news to them that San Diego is gone and they introduce him to the term “the wasted” for the infected. The new group of survivors is also impressed by Chris’ ability to kill the wasted, much more so than Travis, who attempts to downplay it.

While waiting it out with the woman, Elena, Alicia realizes she’s the one who has been marking rooms with do not disturb signs. Elena wants her nephew, Hector, back from the last few guests of the hotel who are holding him hostage for the keys she has. Alicia wants help to get back to her mom and they decide to team up to move back downstairs where they want to be.

Rather than give Travis and Chris gas, they offer to give them a ride to the next town and it’s an offer they ultimately accept. Setting up their tent for the night, Chris is trying to convince his dad that they should team up with the three newcomers. He thinks they’re strong and Travis denies that they’re “their” kind of people. Chris accuses him of wanting to stay close to reunite with Madison and he continues to argue that this new group is dangerous.

Elena opens a stairwell and draws the infected out towards her. When she cuts into a room, Alicia takes over drawing the group into the adjoining hotel room. She manages to close the door and stand out on the balcony while Elena throws over a curtain to help her balcony hop. Alicia then convinces her to be her guide to get downstairs and through the hotel to her mom.

They get to the bridal party area and Elena confesses that she locked the entire party in the room when the father attacked his daughter. She was worried about the rest of the hotel, which was filled to capacity, and she had to think about the rest of the guests. She admits that all the guests hate her and begins to cry. To comfort her, Alicia tells her that she’s seen worse and done worse, promising to protect her from the guests.

Chris is sitting in the front of the truck with Baby James and Derek, telling stories and having fun bonding to them, while Travis and Brandon sit in the back. Brandon explains to Travis how the end times have made them gods, an idea that Travis is clearly uncomfortable with. Chris points out a farm and the group stops to see if they can gather supplies. Travis thinks its just the type of place he and Chris can stay, but Chris insists that they need a group and people, leaving his dad to check the barn with the others.

Alicia and Elena find the bar area where they left Madison and Strand. The doors are blocked and the room is filled with the infected – Elena thinks they’re gone, but Alicia refuses to believe that. They’re confronted by the guests, who are holding Hector hostage, and Alicia eventually directs Elena to give them the keys. She lets the infected loose as soon as they have the keys and take off running through an underground hallway system. Before the infected can catch up to them, Madison and Strand save them and they’re reunited. Everyone except Ofelia.

Inside the barn, the boys find chickens, while Travis finds graves outside. He rushes to get Chris when a man bursts through the door with a shotgun. He’s yelling at them in Spanish to leave and Travis is doing his best to translate and keep the situation calm. The man shoots one of the guy’s in the leg and Chris shoots the man, killing him. Travis goes to check the man and when Chris offers his hand to his father, Travis doesn’t take it.

Something’s gotta give with Chris and Travis… and it probably won’t be Chris, who is adapting to this new normal with a Negan-style glee. Alicia has lost Ofelia, who was feeling not too great about their survival chances when she disappeared like her dad. Plus, now they’ve established themselves against the rest of the hotel guests. And next week, more Nick. But that also means more Luciana and I’m here for that.

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