Earlier this year, to celebrate 20 years of Pokemon, Build-A-Bear released a special edition Pikachu Build-A-Bear with a host of cute, Pokemon themed outfits to dress him in. People everywhere could lovingly bring to life their very own Pokemon partner to travel around on their shoulder anywhere they went.

Now, Build-A-Bear is continuing the trend and has released another extremely popular Pokemon to their collection: Eevee! That’s right, everyone can now build their own stuffed Eevee at Build-A-Bear.

There’s a couple of options for getting Eevee. The first, is going into any Build-A-Bear location and picking up your unstuffed Eevee to work on. According to the press release, any Eevee purchased will also come with its own exclusive trading card. The second option, for those who might not be able to rush out to the store, would be to grab the online only exclusive Eevee set which includes an online-only outfit added into the mix.

After the release of Pokemon Go! and the continuing popularity of the franchise as it enters its twentieth year, it makes sense that retailers like Build-A-Bear would want to get in on the action. Hopefully, as Pokemon continues to grow, especially with the release of Sun and Moon this Fall, Build-A-Bear and other retailers will expand their collections to provide players with the perfect Pokemon prize.

Be sure to catch Eevee in stores and online before it becomes legendary!

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