It is not everyday you can walk down the street and hear Smash Mouth’s “Walking on the Sun” playing over the speakers, and it will take any 90’s kid back to their childhood as they recorded the song on a cassette tape and proceeded to make copies to hand out to their friends in exchange for whatever they had been able to rip from the airways. The song immediately pulled me in, and I found myself in a store in Chelsea, surrounded by merch donning 90’s icons, beckoning me back to my childhood and putting a smile on my face.

STORY, an ever-changing retail store on 10th avenue in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, looks to “re-invent retail” and every 4-8 weeks change their storefront to a new theme. Last cycle, they explored the idea of “disruption” and partnered with the people behind Mr. Robot to bring themed merchandise to their store. This cycle? “Remember When,” a dedication to all those 90’s kids who are in the midst of real adulthood now.

The mix of merchandise was especially impressive. The store teamed up with Nickelodeon to bring back The RugratsHey Arnold!Ren and Stimpy, and other cartoon classics, similar to what those who went to San Diego Comic Con saw at the Nickelodeon booth. While you couldn’t sit on the stoop in the store, you could get virtually slimed and go back in time to the days of fanny packs and weird, plastic-y bright hats that we all wore for some terrible reason.

On top of all of the licensed merchandise, like flip-flops and pint glasses, STORY brought in a number of other items that were sure to spark fond childhood memories. Remember Mr. Sketch scented markers? Keds? The aforementioned terrible hats and fanny packs? No stone at STORY was left unturned to bring customers an authentic 90’s experience.

Also donning the shelves were a number of books about the 90’s, coloring books full of iconic imagery from the decade, pencils bearing 90’s phrases, re-imagined Polaroid cameras, and more! Anything you can think of from the 90’s, and probably a lot of things you wouldn’t have thought of, can be found on the shelves and tables all through the store. It is a one-of-a-kind experience, and watching 90’s kids walk into the store with their eyes lit up is unbeatable.

STORY provides a new and innovative way to shop, one that looks to be inclusive. If you’re not a 90’s kid? Then wait a couple more weeks, and a brand new theme will take over the store that may be more your style. It is a mission that keeps customers coming back for more, and leaves me excited for whatever might come next when they switch the store over on September 18th.

If you are a 90’s kid, and want to pick up some of the fantastic flair STORY has to offer, then you’re going to want to get there soon. STORY is located in Chelsea, near the corner of 10th Avenue and West 18th Street. You can learn more about their mission and stay up-to-date on their latest themes by checking out their website HERE.

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