Synopsis: fsociety begins to fracture, and Darlene is forced to make hard decisions. Cisco isn’t who he says he is, and Angela’s motivations remain unclear.


If I had to construct my dream episode of Mr. Robot, this would have been it. As rich and compelling as they are, it was a welcome change to have an installment free from the internal struggle of Elliot and Mr. Robot, and instead focused on the trials and tribulations of Darlene, Trenton, Mobley, and Cisco, (feat. Angela and Dom).

The tone stayed largely the same, but relying on much more emotive interaction between so many more characters than usual, upped the tempo of the whole show in a pleasant and engaging way that offered much more dialogue and much faster editing than the deliberately stagnant back and forth between Elliot and his father.

Freaking out about the FBI tracking them down, as usual, fsociety is currently in the throes of  deciding what to do, after they release a recorded conference call in which the FBI admits to illegally wiretapping millions of Americans, and find out in the same fell swoop that the FBI is closing in on 17 – now 16 – suspects in a major operation related to the five/nine hack.

Mobley points out that’s about how many members of fsociety there are, and that Romero has recently been killed. Everyone tells him he’s being paranoid, and tensions rise to the point of a full-scale argument, which is why no one notices when Susan Jacobs comes home. Whoops.

They tie her up by the pool, and continue arguing about what to do. Everyone seems to think they should just let her go and take off, but Darlene says they’ll be caught in no time, since one of the most powerful and sneaky lawyers in the world knows exactly who they are. While everyone looks for a way to blackmail her into silence, Darlene slips downstairs and offers Susan a cigarette.

There’s an incredible, highly-charged scene where Darlene describes how the team is looking for dirt to blackmail her with – but Darlene knows it won’t work. Anything they find on her, she’ll just wriggle her way out of, and fsociety will still be burned. She also remembers, that when the verdict came down clearing E Corp of any liability in the Washington Township case, Susan laughed, just for a second, and Darlene was the only one who saw it.

So she kills her. Knowing that she has both a head injury and a pacemaker, Darlene calmly tasers Susan right in the chest, and shoves her into the pool, unconscious. When she tells the team, she pretends it was an accident  – self-defense – and that she hadn’t known about her heart condition. They don’t believe her.

Mobley and Trenton take off, planning to blow town, but Trenton doesn’t want to leave her family behind.  After Mobley gets pulled in by the FBI though, she realizes she has no choice. She agrees to meet Mobley at a coffee shop after he’s released from custody, but he never shows.

Back at the house, Cisco and Darlene wipe down everything, and realize that they can’t leave Susan’s body behind, nor is there anyone they trust to help them. So they stuff her in a bag and take her  – on the subway – to an animal clinic, where they pay a guy to use the incinerator.

Darlene comments later, that she didn’t know she had it in her to kill someone in cold blood, but doesn’t feel the slightest bit of remorse for what happened. Cisco insists that she’s just in shock, and she should come back to his place for the night. She agrees, but while he’s in the shower, she searches his laptop and discovers that he’s actually trying to hold her there so he can turn her over to the Dark Army. She smashes the laptop, and then smashes his head in with a bat.

The whole thing was very cool, but the stand-out sequence was definitely Angela, in a bar with her latest hookup and totally uninterested in anything he’s saying, because she’s distracted by the fsociety video.

Upset, she goes to get a drink, and runs into a friend of her father’s. He demands to know how she can live with shutting out her father and working for the company that killed her mother, and is generally extremely nasty. She starts to walk away, but instead rounds on him and points out that he’s been a plumber for 40 years, and she’s 27 with a 6-figure salary at the most profitable company in history and she’s just getting started.

After that, she gets up and does a hauntingly impressive karaoke rendition of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” and then ditches her date for a much older guy who says he likes the song. Savage.

Turns out to be a good move though, because her date, Andre, is actually a forensics guy put up to it by Dom, who thinks Angela is hiding something. Andre says that not only has Angela told him nothing about her past, her work, or her plans, he’s legitimately bummed out that she dumped him, and Dom should suck it, because he’s not going to play her game anymore.

It’s not a banner week for Dom, actually, who’s getting hit from all sides for making huge strokes and coming up empty, while they investigation has become so public. She knows she’s onto something though, and fsociety know she’s onto them.

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