MTV’s Teen Wolf is typically a fan favorite at San Diego Comic Con each year. Unfortunately this year was bittersweet as it was announced that Teen Wolf’s upcoming season 6 would be its last. While the announcement may be disappointing for many, there are still 20 more episodes remaining in Season 6, so plenty can still happen.

In season 6, we will see our favorite Beacon Hills high school students reunite for their second semester of their senior year and inch closer to graduation.

We had the opportunity to sit down with some of the cast and creator and executive producer at San Diego Comic Con this year.

Creator and executive producer Jeff Davis shared some information about the new upcoming enemies that Scott and his pack will face in season 6. Scott and his pack will go up against the Ghost Riders, or the riders on the storm, and Davis drew on the European myth but also incorporated a western look into their appearance and clothing.

Check out the trailer above for a closer look at the Ghost Riders. Davis also shared that one character in particular and their ability will become crucial to solving the problem with the Ghost Riders. This upcoming season will not be as bloody, but Davis claims that the “supernatural stakes are just as high.”

Many of the actors talk about the addition of the Ghost Riders this season and how different they are from past villains. The show even incorporated real horses onto the set, which added some diversity and excitement.

When asked about the impact Dylan O’Brien’s accident will have on the season, Davis assured us that it would be a “pretty Stiles heavy story, even though he might be missing for an episode or two.” In fact all of the cast members assured us that Dylan O’Brien was recovering comfortably and was doing well. Many shared that he had even grown a beard while recovering.

Although asked every year, Davis claimed that we will finally learn Stiles’ real name and that there is a crucial moment this season where it will be revealed.

In a surprise turn this year, Teen Wolf brought back Cody Christian, who plays Theo, a malicious werewolf who seemingly bit the dust at the end of last season. While Christian’s character was without a doubt evil, many fans still seemed to like him as a villain, and he brought a lot of intrigue to the show. Ultimately Theo is a character you love to hate.

Christian talks about his return to Beacon Hills, but after being dragged down to a theoretical hell in the finale of last season, Christian claims that Theo will be a completely different person. Christian promises that they will explore Theo’s hellish and brutal experiences between seasons and that he is essentially “coming back as a broken man.”

Christian also shares that he may have some knowledge about the second new villain this season, the Nazi werewolf, who shares connections to the Dredd doctors.

Dylan Sprayberry, who plays newcomer and beta wolf Liam, talks about Liam’s potential role in Scott’s pack in the future. While we would all love for Scott to continue leading his pack, there may come a time when he wants to leave or seek opportunities and experiences for growth outside of Beacon Hills.

As such, Sprayberry mentions that “the end goal for his character is that when Scott leaves, Liam is going to be the one to takeover.” Now, many people may not want Scott to leave, but there’s no timetable right now for the pack. Scott may step aside in the very last episode of Season 6, twenty episodes off, or maybe not at all, but it could be implied in the far future.

Sprayberry also talks his relationship with his girlfriend Hayden, who became a werewolf and member of the pack at the last season. Sprayberry believes their relationship has taken on more of an adult theme considering what they have gone through.

Star Tyler Posey, who plays alpha Scott McCall, shared with us a bit more about the Ghost Riders. Posey claims that the Ghost Riders will begin targeting pretty much the entire town and once they target someone its practically impossible to escape them and once they get you, your memory of them gets erased and every now and then you may get a spark here and there. Posey claims they will affect everyone and that they will try many things to try to figure out the root of what’s affecting them.

Posey also touches on his new status as a single man considering Arden Cho will not be returning for Season 6. Posey believes that now Scott “will be able to step back and look at his pack for what it is and will be able to give his all to his pack.”

As two of the few strong female characters left in Scott’s pack, Holland Roden, who plays banshee Lydia, shares that she and Shelley Hennig, who plays werewolf Malia share a lot of scenes in this upcoming season. Malia brings the physicality while Lydia brings the intelligence and Roden finds the dichotomy funny between the two of them.

Roden also talks a bit about the physiological aspect of the new villains, both with the Ghost Riders and the second villain, the Nazi werewolf and Lydia’s role and skills in fighting them both.

Don’t miss the first half of season 6 of Teen Wolf this fall on November 15 on MTV!

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