The last time we sat down with the cast and show runners of iZombie was at WonderCon 2016 just before the season two finale aired. They couldn’t tell us much, but they made it clear that it was going to be ‘a game changer.’ They were right. The season finale changed everything and gave us one of the best episodes the series has had to offer yet.

It also begged the question: what now?

Going into the show’s third season everything is changing. The team dynamics will be completely different now that Clive has finally been brought into the fold. The world is on the brink of learning about zombies. There’s a new shadowy organization on the scene with it’s own motivations. We really can’t wait to see what comes next.

We sat down with the cast and show runners again at SDCC 2016 a couple of weeks ago. Check out what everyone had to say below!

Thanks to Rahul Kohli we know how the next season starts up!

Well, we know that it’s not going to have a time jump at the very least. That finale last season changed everything and we’re going to get to see the aftermath. Considering all that happened that’s a good thing! It’d suck to just jump ahead a few months or a year like so many shows do and lose out on seeing how it effects everyone.

That said, Rahul says that Ravi hasn’t been all that affected. For the most part, throughout the last couple seasons, very little has happened to really effect Ravi. As Rahul says, it effects him in an overarching way but not really direct. Ravi remains Ravi.

This season may change things, though. It sounds like Season 3 is going to focus a little more on Ravi, Petyon, and Blaine. Each season tends to focus on a few key characters beyond just Liv and this time around we’ll be seeing more of a focus Ravi. He’ll be getting more in-depth character development – which is great! Ravi is great and it’s about time we get to see him more at the forefront of things.

Also, fun and random fact: Rahul hates dealing with the lab rats in the show. (Something Rose McIver was happy to confirm.)

As Rahul has pointed out, Blaine is another one that may be getting a bit more attention this coming season. That makes sense because Blaine has a lot of stuff to get worked out. After all, he’s lost his memory due to Ravi’s attempt at coming up with a cure and if zombies are going to be outed you’ve got to imagine that’s going to have an affect on Blaine.

David Anders, for his part, finds it funny that people feel bad for Blaine. They feel bad because he can’t remember things – as if remembering murdering a bunch of kids is something someone wants to remember! That said, he does want Blaine to get his memories back. He misses the old Blaine. He misses all the whit and one liners. Even though there’s still some of Blaine in this new, tabula rasa version of the character he does hope we can get Blaine back.

At the very least, it’d be nice to get a sort of hybrid Blaine back who maybe has the best qualities of both versions of himself!

Oh, and guess what? We’ll see more singing Blaine next season! Who else is excited? (If you want to know the origins of singing Blaine watch the video!)

Another character who underwent some very surprising changes in their life last season was Clive. One moment he’s just your every day, average detective working with a very eccentric psychic and the next he knows everything. There’s no more secrets between Clive and Liv now and that changes their whole team dynamic. As Malcolm Goodwin says, ” It’s a friendship with no lies, no secrets.”

It’s not just that, though. His whole world has changed. “There are zombies – actual zombies – who tried to kill him… there’s no getting away from that truth and that reality,” Malcolm told us. And he’s right. He finally knows the truth about everything. Malcolm thinks that a big part of Clive’s story in the next season is going to be coming to terms with this new world.

We personally can’t wait to see how Clive being a part of Liv’s inner circle means for the upcoming season. It took two seasons but he’s finally in the know and that changes everything!

It changes things for Liv, too.

Rose McIver is very interested to see just how this new group dynamic plays out. Now that Clive knows everything her inner circle is starting to expand even more. She thinks that Liv is going to be glad for that support because her inner circle has taken some blows. While her family may not have known about her zombie-ness at least she had them in the first season. Rose hopes we’ll see some more with her family in season three. She’d also like to see if we can learn a little bit about Liv’s dad!

All that said, Rose also gave us some brain spoilers for the third season.

We’re going to see a dominatrix brain this season. We’re also going to see Liv and Major teaming up to eat the brains of a grumpy teenage girl and her father who were killed. Though, plot twist! Major eats the teenage girl’s brains and Liv eats the dad’s brains. We can’t wait for that!

We also can’t see more of Peyton next season! If Rahul is correct then we should be seeing more of her this season and maybe a little more development on the Peyton/Ravi/Blaine pseudo-love triangle that’s going on.

Aly Michalka talked a bit about Peyton’s relationship with Ravi and Blaine and what she hopes happens between them. It sounds like Peyton’s really going to have to start making a decision between these two next season. She thinks that her heart says Ravi but she’s still very attracted to Blaine. With Blaine it’s not just physical but also that Peyton has a thing for the ‘bad boy’ in Blaine. It sounds like Ravi just may be a little too safe for her.

But Aly personally is Team Ravi. (Sorry, Blaine fans!) She does admit, though, that she really has a lot of fun with David.

Peyton isn’t the only one who is going to have to make decisions next season. Rob Thomas told us a little bit more about what’s going on in the third season and the overarching storyline. In season three we’re going to be dealing a lot with Fillmore Graves – a Blackwater-esque contractor that’s owned and run by zombies. Their ultimate goal is to prepare for the day when zombies are outted to humans because they don’t think that it’s going to go over very well.

And, honestly, they’re probably right.

Humans generally aren’t too accepting of strange things and it doesn’t get much stranger than zombies. They are looking for people like Liv and Major – zombies like Liv and Major – to join their ranks. So a big part of the third season seems to be Liv balancing both her group of friends and her crime fighting with this potential higher calling. She’s going to have to ultimately decide what side she’s on.

As Rob says, there’s no black and white or good and evil this season. Fillmore Graves isn’t necessarily wrong. And it’s going to be a whole new issue for Liv to deal with now that zombies really may be revealed to the world sooner rather than later.

As Diane Ruggerio-Wright confirms, the world is opening up. We’re not going to be going to any new locations just yet but we are going to learn more about how the zombies are effecting the world. Our characters are going to be learning more about what’s going on and what the zombies are doing. But we’re still going to be focusing on Seattle and the way all of that is effecting our character locally.

She talked a bit more about the brain spoilers Rose gave us. While Major isn’t going to be getting involved in the day-to-day procedurals beyond the episode where he eats the brains of the teenage girl he will be getting more involved with the Fillmore Graves story arc.

We’re also going to be learning more about some of the individual characters – like Clive. There’s apparently an episode early on where we get flashbacks of what he was like before getting involved with Liv and her group. Clive, too, is going to be in a very particular predicament this season. As the world starts dividing into humans and zombies he’s this character that’s going to be split between the two with friends on either side.

Ultimately, there’s a lot to be excited about in the upcoming season.

Though the series was renewed in April of this year we don’t have a solid premiere date just yet. The summer TCAs start up next week and The CW will be featured on August 11th so with any luck we might get some more solid news then! If not, keep an eye out for the series to return this fall.

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