Synopsis of 2×04: So Wayward Pines is a seriously messed up place and it some how gets even more messed up this episode. Also: Adam Hassler returns, we learn Ben is really dead (I think?), and Megan Fisher’s authority is challenged at every turn.

Rating: ?????

Okay, so, Jason might not be that bad of a guy. I mean, sure, he’s a little crazy. He’s killed a lot of people. Like, a lot of people. But at the end of the day he really wants to live up to the legacy that was imposed on him since birth. He is supposed to be the leader of the First Generation and he seems to really take that to heart. Does that mean he’s always going to make the right choice? No. Still, I like him more and more each episode.

It’s not his fault he had such a screwed up childhood and upbringing.

With each episode it seems like he takes a step in the right direction. He’s still deferring to Megan Fisher in a lot of instances but not all of them. When CJ asks to go on an expedition outside the fence she refuses – but Jason allows it. When Fisher tries to fight back against Kerry’s suggestion that Theo be allowed to help research the Abbies, he doesn’t fight back.

Hopefully, he’ll realize sooner rather than later that she doesn’t have either his nor Wayward Pines’ best interests at heart. She’s forcing girls into ‘breeding programs’ as soon as they get their period. She’s hiding her research into the Abbies from everyone. And she’s trying to keep everyone within the gates. Maybe she knows something we don’t. I suppose that’s possible. But she just seems super sinister.

I mean, let’s talk about the breeding program. Fisher expects children like Rebecca’s employee Lucy to just shack up with some scientifically selected guy in a breeding suite at the school. When she gets her period she freaks out and tells Rebecca she’s not ready to be a mother. And at her age you’ve got to imagine she’s right. Luckily for Lucy, Rebecca is willing to stick up for her. She invites Lucy to stay with her and Theo where she could be safe. Because, as an orphan, no one is left to look out for her. Even her older brother, Frank, was convinced into ratting her out about her period to Fisher.

When Rebecca stands up to Fisher it’s important to note that Fisher kinda backs down. She talks about going to Jason and basically tattling on her. And Rebecca tells Fisher that she doesn’t want to start this fight about Lucy and about forcing girls into reproduction because it may not be one that she can win. I find this interesting because it further hints at Rebecca’s power within Wayward Pines.

It also echoes my belief that Jason is able to forgive and to change if the circumstances best suit Wayward Pines. When Xander comes back to the town with Adam Hassler in tow he’s welcome backed. He brought a hero – the only one of Pilcher’s scouts to return. While his position may he tenuous he is at least allowed back and his transgressions against the First Generation as a supporter of Ben Burke’s resistance are forgiven.

So, Adam Hassler.

He’s alive. And he’s got this damaged, PTSD mountain  man thing going for him, I guess. He reveals to Theo that the Abbies are the next step in the evolution of humanity which he thinks is mind blowing and Rebecca things he needs to share with Jason. But Theo isn’t too sure he trusts the guy.

It’s hard for people to trust each other in Wayward Pines. Theresa Burke, for example, is understandably pissed at Adam for forcing her family into all of this. She ends up tagging along with him and CJ when they go back into the wilds to see what they can find. The plan is to find a place to expand their settlement and their crops.  CJ is hoping that this will bring hope to the kids of Wayward Pines who need that desperately. With the Abbies gone it’s the first time they’ve had that chance. But Theresa is looking for Ben and Adam is looking for… something.

Unfortunately, Theresa appears to find what she’s looking for when the First Generation gather around a covered body and she starts crying after looking at the body. We don’t see it so it may not be Ben. After all, Wayward Pines can’t kill off literally all of it’s Season One characters this season can it?

Overall, though, decent episode with decent build up. It ends with an Abbie in the town just feet away from killing Lucy’s older brother Frank. I’m pretty sure the next episode is going to start with his mutilated body being found in the middle of town. Honestly, Megan Fisher probably released it from her lab with the plan to use a dead Wayward Pines kid as a warning to everyone that they shouldn’t leave the town and need to be more vigilante. Seems like something she would do and – with any luck – she’ll be caught.

Because she’s such an awful person (and consequently kinda a great character).

Will my predictions be correct? We’ll see next week!

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