The gang’s all here – er, well, almost. We left the Mystic Falls crew mid-season with Bonnie still trapped on The Other Side, Kai taking Elena hostage, and the anti-magic border around town disintegrating.

Gang's all here! Well, not maybe not all on This Side, but close. [hollywire]
Gang’s all here! Well, not maybe not all on This Side, but close. [hollywire]
 We also left Elena without her memories of Damon, but with some sort of indication that she wants to try to regain her memories and get best-friend Bonnie’s blessing for their relationship.

With all that’s happened in the first half of the season, here are my predictions (and hopes!) for the remaining half of season six.


I refer to them by their shipper name because let’s be real: Elena and Damon are end-game. They’ve been end-game since like season two, as soon as Stefan took off on his comeback tour ripping throats out across the continental United States.


Elena’s been in a state of selective Damon-amnesia for about four episodes too many at this point, so I predict that the writers will put us all out of our collective misery and have the couple reunite in about three episodes’ time. I’m not sure how they’ll go about that, but maybe with the destruction of the anti-magic border around Mystic Falls, the effects of Elena’s compulsion will also wear off somehow.

If that doesn’t work, I think that Kai is going to play a role in the retrieval of Elena’s memories – maybe the merging of twins will allow one of the witches to undo the compulsion.



Bonnie’s been stuck alone for far too long – that Christmas episode was painful. The holiday episode where Mrs. Lockwood was drowned was more cheery.

I predict that the Mystic Falls gang will free Bonnie from The Other Side, but knowing the show, I also predict that her freedom will be short-lived. For some reason, I don’t think Bonnie’s storyline has many other places to go after she’s back in Mystic Falls. The writers should leave her alone long enough to  give Elena some advice about her and Damon’s epic romance and then reconcile with Jeremy before she dies in his arms.

Though I am still hoping for a Bonnie/Kai relationship. []
I also predict that Bonnie will be instrumental in bringing down Kai. If the writers turn his character around or make Bonnie suddenly evil, I dearly hope that she and Kai have a romance. Chris Wood (the actor who plays the homicidal witch) is too magnetic of a character to kill off so easily, especially when their characters have this weird, dark chemistry.


Oh, sweet Caroline. You are my favorite, but you’ve been having such a rough season.

Praying that Caroline gets a break. []
Praying that Caroline gets a break. []
We just learned that Caroline’s mom is dying of inoperable brain cancer, which vampire blood cannot cure. I predict that Caroline will have the moral dilemma of whether or not to turn her mother into a vampire – or if that will even be possible. If it comes down to that decision, I don’t think that Caroline will choose to turn her mother, so we’ll probably have to watch Sheriff Forbes die.

I do think Stefan will finally step up to be a good friend (and possible romantic interest, but that’s on hold) to Caroline. Even though those two might be end-game, I will always hold on to the hope that Klaus will come back for her instead. Mostly because Stefan has cornered the market on being a selfish child this season.

The Witch Twins

I predict that Liv and Luke will defeat Kai, but will then be forced to merge to lead their coven. If I wanted to give these characters a happy ending, I would predict that Joe and Kai would merge – and Joe would emerge victorious – but I’m not sure if the WonderWitchTwins will be so lucky.

If we do have to sacrifice a twin, I predict that we’ll keep Liv and lose her brother, if only because Liv gets more screentime and has a burgeoning romance with Tyler.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of my predictions in the comments, or if I’ve missed anything! The Vampire Diaries returns on January 22nd on The CW.

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