Everyone loves Funko. Even I came around to finding the little Pop! figurines rather endearing. In the past few years they’ve really taken the pop culture scene by storm and have soared in popularity. The toy lines have expanded, too, as interest has grown. What started as silly bobble heads has turned into a wide ranging company that produces everything from toys, to t-shirts, to keychains.

Funko dominates convention spaces and people line up to try and snag exclusives. They are the masters of pop culture toys right now, and at Emerald City Comic Con they shared their vision for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

The biggest Funko related announcement coming out of Seattle during Emerald City was that they have plans to make a return to their classic bobble heads. The bobble head Funko Pop! toys were where it all started for the company, before they branched into a number of other offerings.

Bobble heads phased out somewhat, or were offered in small quantities, after the initial fad faded out. Now, however, they are looking to restore their bobble head line and give it new life. The new bobbles will be bigger, more detailed, and will no doubt delight consumers when they’re released.

During an Emerald City Comic Con interview, one of the representatives said that Funko is always looking to expand what it has to offer. It is looking for the new thing that will wow buyers. The bigger they get, the more liberty they can take with some of their products. They are a dynamic and ever changing company and refuse to allow themselves to get stuck.

Thus far, it has served them well. The reps pointed out that a long time ago they had to chase down a lot of licensing deals in order to get the rights to create the toys that fans wanted. Now? Thanks to the growth the company has seen over the years, license holders are approaching them to make toys that will help promote whatever it is they’re creating.

They also dropped a couple more announcements for the upcoming 2016 toy year. Funko will definitely be producing some great Star Wars: Rogue One toys in light of the new movie that’s going to be coming out. Fans of the blog will definitely want to keep an eye out for that. They’ll also be dropping a lot of “different sizes of toys,” according to the reps at Emerald City. From the tiny, to the quite large, there will be something for everyone.

Perhaps the most intriguing of the announcements was the one they gave about emojis. Original Funko is delving into the world of everyone’s favorite smiley face. They have plans to create small vinyl emojis that will be sold with a redemption code. That code will allow the buyer to use an Original Funko emoji on their cell phone!

It really is 2016, and Funko is determined to remain on the leading edge of their industry. After Emerald City, we’re all looking forward to seeing how their year shakes out, and what is in store for all of the Original Funko collectors out there.

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