Last summer’s Wayward Pines was one of our favorite shows of 2015. The miniseries strung us along on an incredible mystery that blurred the genres of horror and science fiction. When it ended it left us with both a satisfyingly completed story and a yearning for more. For a long time it seemed like that would be where we parted ways with Wayward Pines.

But the series was recently renewed for a second season and, while the first season may have stood very well on it’s own, we’ve learned from Blake Crouch and M. Night Shyamalan that the series has been envisioned as a three season series with a very distinct start, middle, and conclusion.

We sat down with the show runners and creators of the series as well as Djimon Hounsou and Jason Patric who are both playing new characters this season. We talked a bit about what we can expect from this new season, what it was like to bring us back to Wayward Pines, and how the success of this series and others is changing television as we know it.

Watch the full interviews below.

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