Synopsis: There’s a new player in the Utopium game, and it takes all episode for Liv to figure out that it’s Blaine. In the meantime, Liv’s on social media mogul brains and trying to figure out Drake’s past.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

So Liv’s on social media brains this week, which is fantastic if only because she Instagrams her sushi brain plate and takes selfies at crime scenes.

It’s less awesome because there is a triple homicide this week, and all of the victims were found missing their heads.

The investigation takes Liv and Babineaux to the District Attorney’s office. Apparently the victims threatened the DA, and the DA killed all three of them. Oh, and also the DA is a zombie.

In the meantime, Max Rager is upset that Major skipped a zombie on the list because of his bleeding heart (the DA had a son). The corporation shows Major that they can hit anyone, anywhere by killing an online troll who criticized Max Rager’s product. Then, they tell Major to go kill the DA.

Liv tries to help the DA by bringing him brains in his hideout. Unfortunately, Major ends up tracking him down and tranquilizing him before Liv can figure out a long term solution so the DA can still see his family. Side note: I don’t actually know if Major is killing these zombies with this drug or just putting them on ice. Especially since most of his victims have been cooperative.

The investigation closes, but Liv continues her own investigation into her new squeeze Drake’s past. Turns out our dealer Drake did some time in prison for aggravated assault. After Drake complains about how Liv used to call him on her cell phone (but now screens her calls), he tracks her down in person. Drake explains that the assault charge came from defending his mother from an abusive ex-boyfriend.

Liv then weirdly insists on meeting his mother, and the date is hilariously wonderful, with mommy Drake giving Liv a makeover.

Later, Liv has a vision about Drake’s part in Blaine’s new Utopium dealing scheme, leaving her questioning their new relationship.

In other random news, Mr. Boss extorts money from Blaine, Peyton drinks Ravii under the table (repeatedly), and Blaine’s putting out a new, cheaper version of Utopium out on the streets.

All in all, this episode was mostly relationship fluff with a few hashtags sprinkled in. But hey, I’ll #allow it.

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