Synopsis: The gang tries to steal Jane Scott’s corpse, and ends up trapped in a labyrinth diffusing atomic bombs.

Rating: ?????

This was really not Peggy’s week. Or anyone’s, actually. Except maybe Rose.

After incorporeal Jason is drawn to a tissue sample from Jane’s body, his touch pulls the Zero Matter out of it, curing him, but only for a moment. In an effort to make it permanent, Peggy and Jarvis break into a secret facility to steal the rest of her.

As it turns out though, Whitney and Chadwick are already there, with the same thought in mind. Now that she’s embracing her powers, Whitney wants Zero Matter for herself in order to amplify them as much as she can, and, for once in her life, get some respect and power over people. They steal Jane’s body, and Peggy and Jarvis are forced to leave empty handed, or risk revealing themselves.

The Zero Matter contained in the body is not enough however, and Whitney decides to recreate the original test that brought it forth in the first place. Which means she’ll need an atomic bomb. Realizing this, Peggy, Jarvis, Sousa, Rose, Jason, and Dr. Samberly do some Ocean’s Eleven style scheming to get into the mega-secure facility where the remaining bombs are being held. After it all hits the fan, Jarvis ends up locked in a room with the bombs, and has to disarm them himself while Sousa talks him through it with a wall between them.

Meanwhile, Peggy goes after Whitey and her goons. She manages to stop them from getting the bombs, but is knocked from a balcony and falls onto a piece of rebar in the process. Not wanting to risk taking her to a hospital, Sousa brings her to Violet. Violet, being amazing and wonderful, springs into action and single-handedly saves Peggy’s life without a question or a second thought, even though she’s not a damn doctor and has no idea what the hell is going on.

A severe injury after such a typical climactic fight really caught me off guard. There wasn’t anything particularly unusual or important about the scuffle, and for poor Peg to suddenly go crashing to the floor and be left to bleed everywhere was something of a shock.

It becomes clear though, that the narrative purpose of such a twist was twofold. Sousa, although just engaged to adorable precious angel Violet, inadvertently reveals the depth of his feelings for Peggy when confronted with her bleeding in his arms. Seeing his reaction, Violet immediately recognizes their relationship for exactly what it is and calls him out on it. He wants to deny it, but can’t.

And later, while Peggy and Jason are chilling out, he suddenly, inexplicably, begins to vanish again. Trapped in bed, covered in bandages and in extreme pain, Peggy can’t reach him in time, and has to watch him disappear right before her eyes, after a cryptic conversation in which Jason unthinkingly reveals that he knows about the place Zero Matter comes from, but refuses to elaborate.

Rude. []
Rude. []
Basically, Peggy got stabbed, Sousa and Vi broke up, Jason winked out of existence for the second time, Jarvis got trapped in a room with two atom bombs and Whitney’s losing her damn mind. Whoops.

On the upswing though, Rose got to join the team this week! She made amazing apple pie, and beat up so many people. And casually stole a guy’s awesome dagger/brass knuckle combo.

This was probably my favorite episode of Agent Carter so far, but I have some questions.

  1. How did Sousa get Peggy out of the facility while she was laying with a piece of the building’s foundation literally through her body? That part was conveniently glossed over.
  2. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but WHY did Rose just start beating on that clown? What did he DO??
  3. Is Dr. Samberly going to be a Thing now, because I’m actually fine without him, thanks?
  4. Why did they have to give us the best and least ridiculous marriage proposal bit I’ve ever seen and rip the rug out from under us? Why? Violet doesn’t deserve this.
  5. Now that she’s single again, does Violet want my phone number?

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