Synopsis: Liv gets back in Babineaux’s good graces just in time to help solve a murder on the set of a popular zombie tv series. Major infiltrates Max Rager.

Rating: ★★★★★

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this show is best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

This week, Liv finds herself investigating a murder on her favorite high school teen drama show, Zombie High. There were so many winks at the parallels between the fake show and the real show that it was a wonder any of the cast and crew were able to film without their eyes being permanently (winked) shut.

Anyway, Babineaux’s ban on investigative work before the mid-season break doesn’t last long. In fact, after two or so murders without Liv by his side, he decides to bring her back onto the investigation dream team just in time for her to lend her fangirl expertise to a murder on the set of Zombie High.

After the usual red herrings, zombie makeup, and shenanigans, Liv and Babineaux end up catching the murderer, an embittered prop master who swapped out an actor’s prop gun for the real deal.

More importantly, we circle back to a few key plot points. Ravii reminds us that Major is most likely going to revert back to a member of the undead in the future, so Liv and Major can have sexytimes without worrying. Unfortunately, the happy couple broke up before Ravii discovered the two weren’t so star crossed after all, so that’s horribly disappointing.

Major is still working for Max Rager, both as a personal trainer and a zombie killer. He’s cozied up to the CEO – he manages to mic him with a FitBit (new idea for government entities to target the physically fit!) and passes a loyalty test with flying colors.

In other news, Blaine is well on his way to getting caught fencing human brains, with FBI Squeeze and Babineaux matching police sketches to suspects in the Meat Cute murders.

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