Synopsis: Cat’s estranged son comes to town, and the White Martians attack.

Rating: ★★★★☆

This was simultaneously the most deeply emotional and nerdiest episode of TV I’ve seen in awhile.  The sweeping thematic arcs of how important family is, how impossible it is to take on any huge task alone, and the insidious cracks in your personality that loss creates were a complex and rich backdrop against Kara and our latest new character stuttering and complimenting their way into a first date.

I loved it.

Cat, as it turns out, has been writing and then throwing out long letters to her son, Adam, who she has not seen since she gave him up for adoption at birth. She knows she made the right choice in a bad situation, but her greatest regret, is that she couldn’t, and later wouldn’t, be there for him. After reading all of these unsent pleas to reconnect, Kara takes it upon herself to write and send one of these letters as Cat.

To everyone’s surprise, Adam shows up at CatCo almost immediately. They are truly happy to see each other, but it’s kind of a disaster. After the blowup, Kara goes to see Adam and convinces him to give it another shot. He agrees, but only if she comes along to mediate. After a much more successful face-to-face, Adam asks a bewildered Kara out on a date – much to Cat’s delight.

I’m all about this because it was so adorable and awkward I think my teeth were falling out while I watched it. I like that, after Kara missed her shot with James and Winn missed his shot with Kara, they’re throwing a new cute guy in the mix instead of drowning us in moping, pining, circular scenes where somber music plays in the background and everyone stares out windows feeling Sad and Conflicted about everything.

I also appreciate how readily Cat is cool with it. I’m sure there will be fallout later, both humorous and not, but it proves that despite her posturing and power-plays, Cat knows that Kara is amazing.

Although I’m just putting it on the record now – Adam is up to something. Probably not something openly malicious, but he showed up awfully fast after getting the letter, mentioned that he dropped out of school and absolutely nothing else about his life, conspicuously did not pay for dinner, and extended his trip to National City at the last second, without telling anyone.

On a heavier and more canon-based note, this week Kara and the DEO faced off against a White Martian – one of the race of Martians that wiped the Green Martians – Hank’s race – from existence. The White Martian attacks a rally for Senator Miranda Crane, who is vehemently against aliens and alien rights. Ironically, she takes her form and infiltrates the DEO, taking Alex hostage. Kara and Alex are forced to talk Hank out of killing her and becoming like her (a big theme on the show). He relents, and essentially tells the girls they’re like daughters to him. Everyone also awkward hugs, and it’s great.

Notably, Senator Crane, after being rescued by the DEO, recants her previous stance on aliens. She’s says it’s a big deal, and they need to be careful, but she saw how Kara saved everyone at the rally, how she realized the Senator was an imposter, came looking for the real one despite how publicly the Senator had shamed her, and she did not kill the White Martian. Cat watches and smiles when a reporter asks Crane what changed her mind and she simply says “Supergirl.”

Special shout-out this week to David Harewood, who KILLED IT in the richest material we’ve seen for Hank yet. It was heartbreaking and significant, but never overplayed – and it was not easy stuff to work with. Respect.

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