I don’t know what I was expecting from this trailer that we knew would drop today but this flood of feels is almost too much. Up until 1:20 I was like, yeah, this is pretty much what I was expecting. Everyone questioning Will’s sanity. Jack grappling with himself. Hannibal being all kinds of suave. Lots of bodies, some crime scenes. That was what I was expecting. Something safe. Something emotional. Something dark.

And then at 1:22 I started screaming.

I had already lost it at 1:02 when the creepiest, most haunting cover of ‘Stand By Me’ begins so my emotions were not ready for that. They were not ready AT ALL.


Shit is about to get real in Season Two of Hannibal.

We now know for sure that Will does remember – or thinks he remembers – everything that happened in the final episode of the first season. And he’s telling everyone what he knows. Unfortunately no one believes him. I mean, to be fair, the frame up job by Lecter was pretty well put together. Will vomits up Abigail’s ear for Christ’s sake. That’s pretty damn open and shut, you know? One of the things that breaks my heart the most about this trailer is Jack’s opening voice over where he says, “My biggest fear is that we’ll learn that you knew what you were doing the whole time.” To Will. Because this season – at least for a little bit – he’s still the ‘bad guy.’

Regardless of the fact that he's obviously too adorable to be an intelligent psychopath. [NBC Hannibal]
Regardless of the fact that he’s obviously too adorable to be an intelligent psychopath. [NBC Hannibal]

I know I’m going to be super frustrated by this season already. Hannibal going along with an investigation because he knows they won’t find any evidence? Yeah. I’ll be screaming at my computer in frustration. Jack not believing Will? Chilton treating Will and consulting with Hannibal? Will questioning his own sanity and what he knows? Will, baby. No. “”I don’t know which is worse: believing I did it or believing that you did this to me.”

Just thinking about it makes me frustrated and anxious and agonizingly impatient.

Just throw my emotions into that sink just like that limb, Hannibal, because I am done. I can't handle it any more. [NBC Hannibal]
Just throw my emotions into that sink just like that limb, Hannibal, because I am done. I can’t handle it any more. [NBC Hannibal]
And then we see Hannibal hacking up bodies. Alanna with her gun drawn on someone – probably Hannibal because the blood stain on the back of the shirt is the same as when we immediately after see HANNIBAL ATTACKING JACK. UGH. WHAT. YES. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT. PLEASE DON’T BE LIKE… THE LAST EPISODE OF THE SEASON.

I mean, when we see Will attacking people in the show and in trailers we generally have that ability to take a step back and be like, “Okay, he’s imagining this. He’s trying to solve a case. That makes sense.” But Hannibal attacking Jack in his own kitchen, cutting him, and then slamming himself against the door to his wine cellar?

I can’t take a step back from that and think it’s not really happening. I just need to believe it’s going to happen and that everyone will soon be aware of what Hannibal is and Will doesn’t have to spend the entire season behind bars. But, ugh. Jack’s face in that scene as he slams the door behind him. Why, Jack? Why wouldn’t you listen? And Alana’s face. That look of just absolute betrayal. I can’t.

Watching everyone realize that Will was right the whole time will be such sweet justice. It will also probably be heart breaking. Even more heartbreaking, I think, than them all realizing just how crazy Will is and thinking he’s a killer because that? Not that big of a stretch if we’re being honest here. Hannibal, though? And then realizing just how far this conspiracy and frame job goes?  That is going to throw everyone for a loop.

And then Will’s final words of the trailer? “”I’m going to remember. And when I do, there will be a reckoning.” Perfect ending to the trailer.


A few things to bring up.

It feels like we’re going to get to see a lot more of Hannibal being Hannibal. He’s cutting apart bodies, unwrapping limbs, sniffing corpses like a man admiring a fine wine… I feel like this season will do a lot more to portray Hannibal as the real monster.

The trailer didn’t really have a whole lot of the wendigo or raven-feathered stag though there was the one short clip of the wendigo coming out of a river. I expect we’ll see more of it once the show actually returns. Probably haunting Will’s dreams or something equally sad.

Always creepy. [NBC Hannibal]
Always creepy. [NBC Hannibal]
And, lastly… where’s Freddie? We saw Chilton but not Freddie. I was really hoping Freddie would play a bigger part this season so hopefully we’ll get some promotional images or something with her sooner than later.

That said, this trailer broke me. My #feels are all over the place. February 28th cannot get here soon enough.

Just like forty more days. Okay. I can do this. Deep breaths, Sam. Deep breaths.


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  1. Do you ever read what you write? It really sounds like a 4 year old boy on mood-altering drugs. Where has manhood gone?

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