It’s that time again!

The August Collector Corps box is making it’s way to subscribers now and it’s pretty great. While the last two boxes coincided with the release of a major MCU film, this August box is the first to take it’s theme from the comics. Marvel’s Secret War event has been in full swing for a while now and so the Collector Corps seems to be taking the time to recognize it for the insanely important storyline it is.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve got.

Exclusive Thor & Miles Morales POP! Bobbleheads

When they first announced the Secret Wars theme there was a lot of speculation as to which character would get the Funko treatment. Jane Foster’s Thor and Miles Morales were the two big contenders and while there were rumors we’d get two POP! figures this time around no one knew for sure. But in a spectacular turn of events we got both!

They are amazing. It’s both of these characters’ first venture into Funko-fication and I couldn’t be happier to have both. Thor has translated beautifully with her awesome helm and cape. And Miles’ figure has been long overdue. He’ll make a fantastic addition to my ever growing collection.

Secret Wars T-Shirt

I’ve always thought Funko POP! figures were adorable so I’m loving the POP! t-shirts we’ve gotten in the last two boxes.  Front and center this month are Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Superior Iron Man. I am thrilled to have both Thor and Miles Morales on this shirt and I hope that (the MCU not withstanding in it’s casting choices) they continue to show up more and more in Marvel’s merchandising. My only complaint? It’s black! Black t-shirts get boring. I hope we mix things up with some color soon!

Secret Wars #1 Variant

If you haven’t been keeping up with Secret Wars as it’s been released – or you’re a variant collector – this is a nice issue to have. I had been planning on waiting until Secret Wars started showing up on Marvel Unlimited in six or so months but I broke down and and started reading it. Now I’m debating trying to track down the rest of the issues so I can catch up…

Secret Wars Collector Corps Swag

We finally got swag with two different characters on them. Unfortunately, they still look dumb. Nice to have. I guess. But useless. I still say we ought to have pins and patches that don’t look so poorly designed and say ‘Collector Corps’ all over them.

All in all, another great box!

I was really pleased with the two Funko POP! figures in this one. The Marvel Collector Corps is one of the few subscription boxes out there that I think really delivers when it comes to value. Exclusive POP!s cost $15 each at conventions and retailers so when you look at it, this box paid for itself with just those two figures. Plus we got a t-shirt added in there, too!

Keep on delivering like this, Marvel Collector Corps, and I’ll stick with you to the end.

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