Nothing says Christmas like decking the halls with the blood of your enemies, am I right? Okay, so, maybe not. But that didn’t stop our friends at 2oth Century Fox from gracing us with this ‘even more NSFW’ brand new red band trailer for the upcoming ‘superhero’ film Deadpool on Christmas. You know, if there was any superhero I worried about someone trying to bring to the big screen it was Deadpool. The guy is just so off the wall and unique. I always figured it’d be impossible to do him justice. And after the Wolverine: Origins fiasco I have to say I was justified in my concerns.

Of course, none of that matters any more.

Deadpool is going to be amazing.

If this trailer – and basically any of the ones that came before it – have shown me anything it’s that 20th Century Fox and Ryan Reynolds are going to be giving us fourth-wall breaking, cinematic gold in February. As Deadpool himself says in this trailer, “Surprise! This is a different kind of superhero story.” And that’s what’s going to make this movie so great. It’s different. It’s funny. It’s violent. It’s Deadpool. I’ve watched this trailer about a dozen times already. I’m that stoked.

Deadpool hits theaters next month on February 12th. Let’s all prepare by reading up on the foul-mouthed merc’s comic book backstory and eating copious amounts of chimichangas!

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