I have really, really big hopes for Disney’s upcoming Zootopia. I love the idea of a world full of sentient, anthropomorphic animals. I will admit, though, that I’ve been a little bit skeptical. Up until now, we haven’t really known much about the film. We know from press releases and synopses that the movie involved a rabbit police officer teaming up with a sly fox to solve a crime plaguing the animal kingdom. But that buddy cop premise never really seemed to fit with the world they were building.

Until now.

The movie’s latest trailer gives us a wider look at the world of Zootopia while also giving us a better idea at how the plot will play out. The previous trailer – the adorable and hilarious Sloth DMV video – was great. But it was just one scene from an otherwise ambiguous movie. This trailer essentially fills in all the gaps. We learn more about Zootopia. We learn more about our characters’ motivations. Everything really starts to fall into place. It makes Zootopia feel like a real movie instead of just two random concepts thrown together.

By finally giving us a traditional trailer for the movie we can see how all the pieces start coming together. This trailer is the first look that the wider public has gotten at the final Zootopia movie and I feel a lot more excited about it now.

Zootopia hits theaters March 4, 2016.

Just three more months!

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