Synopsis: Relationships fall apart when Liv takes justice into her own hands as a masked vigilante. Meanwhile, Ravi discovers the zombie cure might not be as permanent as he’d hoped.

Rating: ★★★★★

Something magical must have found its way into the water of the writers’ room at iZombie because these past few episodes have been fantastic. Ever since Liv went on frat bro brains, each hour hits the balance between drama and comedy with perfect accuracy, and this week is no exception.

The episode opens with two purse snatchers chasing a woman down a dark alleyway. They finally manage to catch her, but just as they grab her bag, a masked superhero in a homemade suit jumps to her rescue! The superhero quickly dispatches with the two men and returns the woman’s purse. In closing, he proclaims he is the Fog, and tonight, he is “thick with justice.”

*holds for applause*

Because nothing is right in this world, the scene flashes to the next morning, when the Fog’s corpse turns up in a dumpster.

There are three main plots this week: one which deals with dispatching the Fog’s killer; the second which shows the complicated search for the Cure; and the third which follows Major and Liv’s rocky relationship.

As for the first storyline, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.

Best. Brains. Ever.

Liv spends most of the episode pontificating in front of Clive and a makeshift band of other vigilantes. Her dramatic speeches on the nature of justice delivered in a low, dramatic voice are nothing short of tear-jerking. Given the right material, Rose McIver is a comedic treasure.

So, the Fog liked to run around town fighting crime — turns out he was onto something big. Our evil crime lord, Mr. Boss, was shipping in a crateload of illegal weapons, and the Fog was in the midst of assembling a rag-tag team of vigilantes to thwart his plan. After another body shows up (one of the purse snatchers), Liv thinks Boss is taking care of loose ends on a deal gone wrong.

Following this lead, Liv goes solo to the storage facility with Boss’ guns (and goons). She dispatches with a few of the goons and frees the same woman who had her purse snatched (Boss kidnapped her). Unfortunately for Liv, the woman turns out to be the real villain. She extorted money from Boss’ team and was running away with the stolen goods that night in the alley. After the Fog saved her from Boss’ men, she shot the Fog for discovering the wads of cash in her purse.

The woman turns her gun on Liv — things look pretty dismal until Boss bursts in and shoots the woman. But all’s not well that ends well, because Clive is mega-angry that Liv followed a lead without his permission. So the two break up. No more detective work for Liv.

In the zombie cure storyline, Liv has to turn one of Boss’  (undercover) associates into a zombie so he can retrieve the tainted utopium for a cure. At the end of the episode, Ravi notices that the cured rat has spontaneously returned to zombie form. Moreover, he predicts the cured zombie humans will also revert to zombies without warning.

In the third plotline, things are rocky between Liv and Major after last week’s Rita betrayal. Major spends the episode stalking a megahot zombie hooker as part of his contract killing. Turns out that this zombie is suicidal- she’s sick of being strung out on different brains- and Major interrupts her suicide. He makes a deal with her to sedate and freeze her for revival when the cure is ready. At the end of the episode, Major tells Liv he understands her experiences better.

Liv tells him it isn’t enough.

And the golden couple breaks up yet again.

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