“The Iron Trial” is a Dark, Intriguing Middle Grade Fantasy for All Ages

The Iron Trial Author: Holly Black and Cassandra Clare Series: The Magestarium #1 Release Date: September 9, 2014 Publisher: Scholastic Press Genre(s): Middle Grade, Fantasy Rating: ★★★★☆ Review Spoilers:  Moderate GoodReads | Amazon As a part of the original Harry Potter generation I am always skeptical of books that seem like they might be trying a little […]

The #NerdsRead Pull List – November 11, 2015

This week from BOOM! Studios, Sam reviewed Lantern City and Kylee is enjoying the latest offering of Zodiac Starforce. She also reviewed Dark Horse’s new series Last Sons of America and continues to enjoy Harrow County, though this issue may have been the series’ first stumble. Jackson wasn’t thrilled with the first issue of Superman: American […]

Marvel Takes Wildly Different Approaches on All-New Wolverine #1 & Illuminati #1

The line-wide relaunch that is All-New All-Different Marvel is giving an interesting look at the way the company approaches its marquee characters and teams versus the way it takes on riskier characters and concepts. For their biggest characters, Marvel’s making marked, exciting changes but grounding those changes with fairly conservative […]