Synopsis of 6×05: The Alexandrians re-group after the Wolves attack, Rick makes it back, and everyone gets a look at what the new reality of the situation is – still no Glenn.

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With no real explanation as to how, Rick escaped the broken down trailer and ran through the herd to get back to the gates of Alexandria, where they’re still licking their wounds from the Wolves attack. As the walkers surround the fence and everyone works to re-enforce them, Rick gives one of his Ricktatorship speeches – that’s to say it doesn’t really sink into the soft underbellies of the Alexandrians.

At least Jessie is acclimating well. She drags the dead Wolf from her home and begins to bury her in the graveyard, only to have Rick remind her that they don’t bury killers inside the walls. They’ll just have to wait it out. Meanwhile, other Alexandrians are panicking at the pantry and begin to raid it when they’re unhappy with the current rationing plan in place. It’s Spencer that stops them with a decidedly better speech, or one that made it through the heads of the Alexandrians at least.

This worked... okay? [AMC]
This worked… okay? [AMC]
After admitting his guilt over the Wolves attack, Aaron witnesses Maggie preparing to leave Alexandria to go in search of Glenn. First he tries to stop her and then he offers to aid her in getting outside the walls safely.

Deanna, who has been wallowing in the death of her husband (more than Aaron’s death, you know… her other son…), has a sudden attack of hope and sketches out the future of Alexandria before her surviving son, Spencer, drunkenly accuses her of putting them all in this position. He kept everyone else from raiding the pantry, only to do it himself and take the extra booze. It shocks her enough into gathering it up and taking it back.

Carl comes across Ron and asks about Enid, they argue about whether she’s alive or not and then get into a shoving match. Carl easily overpowers Ron, but Ron has an ace in his pocket – Carl’s dad. He says that if Carl goes over the wall after Enid, he’ll tell Rick and Rick will go out after him and other people will too and someone will die in the wake of it.

In the doctor’s office, Denise is sitting on the floor and reading through medical texts in a frantic attempt to figure out how to help the man lying unconscious in her office. Tara comes in and tries to offer her some words of comfort. It… kind of works and later Denise finds Tara to kiss her as a thanks.

Jessie comes across Betsy, one of the Alexandrians, who has taken her own life in fear of the future. She pulls out her knife and takes down the walker before telling the scared onlookers that this is their new reality, they have to accept it or die.

Aaron shows Maggie where the sewer opening is and insists he leave with her. They walk through the sewers and Maggie impresses upon him how important it is for her to get to Glenn. They’re waylaid by a muddy ladder, which clips Aaron in the head, and then accosted by sludge walkers. Working together, they take them out and continue on.

Ron ends up telling Rick about Enid leaving and Carl’s plans to go out and retriever her anyway and when Rick acts just as he predicted, he offers to watch out for the others for him. But then he further stops Rick, asking him to help him learn to shoot. At least Rick was smart enough to take out all the bullets but one for the sociopath in the making.

Absolutely nothing will go wrong here. [AMC]
Absolutely nothing will go wrong here. [AMC]
Maggie and Aaron make it to the storm grate, but they’re still too close to the walkers outside the gate. While arguing about whether they should go or not, Maggie yells, attracting the attention of some of the walkers and blocking their path for good. She reveals to Aaron that she’s pregnant and that she feels guilty about not knowing if he’s alive or not.

While taking Spencer’s stolen goods back to the pantry, Deanna is accosted by one of the Wolves that Carol killed but couldn’t find the body of. She repeatedly stabs it in the chest with a broken bottle and Rick ultimately has to save her, but she declares that she wants to live and says that Rick needs to lead them now.

On the lookout for Glenn – and you know, Nicholas, Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham – Maggie and Aaron climb down and work on taking Glenn and Nicholas’ names off of the memorial wall (Nicholas is for sure dead though, Aaron, sorry). Aaron even offers up that Aaron/Erin works as a boy’s or a girl’s name. In their place, Rosita and Spencer do a little bit of bonding in the lookout tower. She compliments his quick thinking with the truck, leaving him something to think about.

Rick finds Jessie to explain that he wanted to wait on the bodies because he doesn’t know about their friends that are still out there. They have a moment and Rick ends up kissing her in the lit up garage where anyone walking by might be able to see them. These are awful decisions, Rick. Pull it together before her son stabs and/or shoots you with a gun you gave him.

At the wall, Deanna faces up to the walkers and seemingly comes to terms with this new reality finally. As she walks away, there is a pan to the wall where it’s bleeding and then the episode ends. Next week promises to showcase Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha, so I doubt we’ll get answers on Glenn yet again.

And then this happened. [AMC]
And then this happened. [AMC]

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