TNT’s Agent X roared into New York Comic Con this weekend with a quick introduction at the end of The Librarians panel. Viewers at the convention got to see an extended sneak peak, including a scene that gave them a taste of what the show looks to offer. Starring Jeff Hephner as Agent X and Sharon Stone as the Vice President of the United States, the show delves deep into the history of the country and into the underbelly of its biggest secret. We got a chance to sit down with the show runner and star of the show for a brief round table interview compliments of TNT.

Show runner William Blake Herron (The Bourne Identity) introduced the main character as a sort of “American James Bond.” He was inspired to write Agent X by the fact that the second most important executive position in the American government doesn’t seem to have any set duties. It would make sense, then, that perhaps those duties are just unseen, and that’s the basis of Agent X. As we saw in the extended sneak peak, after Sharon Stone’s character is sworn into office, she returns to her new residence and is introduced to a program she knew nothing about.

Introduced to Agent John Case (Jeff Hephner), it was explained to her that the Vice President’s job is to over-see a program that is set up to do damage control. Or, as the show puts it, “crisis management.” She learns it is a program that spans back as far as the founding fathers, and this is where the audience will pick up the story when the show premieres in a two hour block on November 8th right after The Librarians. Below, star of the show Jeff Hephner clued us in on some background information and shared a little bit about his experience with the show.

Since it is an action show, no round table would be complete without insight into some of the stunts:

James Earl Jones is another big name the show is touting, and for good reason. Apparently the acting legend plays a Supreme Court Justice who is in on the whole Agent X project.

Now of course we also wanted to know what it is like working with the legendary Sharon Stone.

Finally, what makes this show unique? Funny enough, Jeff Hephner doesn’t seem to think it really is. Rather, what the show aims for is “tried and true storytelling,” as it is more of a “comfort food style show.”

So far from what we’ve seen, Agent X is promising to bring some serious fun to your televisions in November. It has the big stars, it has the handsome secret agent, and according to the show runner and star, it has a down to earth feel to it.

Herron was quick to point out that this show will definitely be grounded in reality, even though it may push those boundaries ever so slightly with the abilities of its main character. Nonetheless, Agent John Case will be using tools, devices, and his body to save the day. If there had to be a superhero to compare him to, according to Herron, John Case would be more Batman than anything.

Agent X is a promising new drama that will premiere November 8th, 2015 on TNT right after the season two premiere of The Librarians. After sitting down with show runner William Blake Herron and John Case himself, Jeff Hephner, it is clear that the people behind the show love it as much as the audience will. So if you’re looking for a fun, action based show to be watching this November (especially if you’re already watching The Librarians), tune in and check out TNT’s Agent X.

We’ll leave you with the extended sneak peak that premiered at New York Comic Con:

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