In the digital scrapbooking age, it’s nice to be able to hold physical memories. Con*Quest Journals, a kickstarted project that’s grown from a single option journal to multiple fandom inspired journals for all kinds of convention attendees, is the answer to collecting all of your con memories in one place to show off!

With seven well-thought-out sections, you can keep track of autographs, art, cosplay pictures, panel quotes, new friends, vendors, and the city the con is home to. With the classic journal, you also get protector sheets for your art requests, celebrity photo ops, or anything else you want to keep safe, as well as a clear sheet for business cards, and a zippered pouch for your odds and ends.

The themed journals have different covers, as well as differently designed pages that follow the same sections listed previously. With two Supernatural-inspired “Hunters” Journals, a leather-bound deluxe edition, as well as a hardcover binder emblazoned with ‘The Road So Far,’ a Doctor Who-inspired “Companion” binder that evokes the TARDIS, and a newly released “Survivors” journal that readies you for the zombie apocalypse, there are journals for many different fans! And thanks to their partnership with Gen Con, there are multiple different Gen Con-themed journals, bags, and expansion packs.

Along with the journals, there are also offerings of bags that conveniently fit the journals, extra protective sheets, extra business card sheets, and expansion packs if you run out of room in what you’re initially provided. To go with your bags, there are t-shirts and fun Con*pliment cards that you can hand out at the con if you want to spread a little cheer.

But the best part of all of this? Con*Quest Journals are at New York Comic Con this weekend!

Check out Con*Quest Journals at Booth #2744
Pre-Order a Journal and get a free NYCC pin!

You can also check out Con*Quest Journals online!

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