Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong
Prudence Shen & Faith Erin Hicks
First Second Publishers
May 7th, 2013
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Most of the comic books I read are published by Marvel so I always appreciate the chance to check out something new and original. Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is an fun, quirky graphic novel for YA readers set in your average Southern high school.

And I thought it was absolutely fantastic.

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong follows two very different groups of high school students as they battle for limited resources and are ultimately forced to work together to achieve their individual goals. In one corner, you have the cheerleaders. Popular and determined to get student council funding to pay the $5,000 they need for new uniforms and equipment. In the other corner, you’ve got the Robotics club. Nerdy, brilliant, and quirky, all t hey want is the money to travel to a robotics competition to show off their prized robot – the beast. And caught in the middle of it all is Charlie Nolan – an easy going basketball player whose former girlfriend is a cheerleader and whose childhood friend is the president of the robotics club.

His friend Nate decides to run for student council president to make sure robotics club gets the money… and the cheerleaders decide to run Charlie against him. Unfortunately things get a bit too out of hand and the school refuses to fund either group. So they pool resources and decide to enter a robot fight club competition in Atlanta with the hope that they can overcome their differences and win enough money to pay for both groups’ goals.

Meanwhile, in the background, Charlie finds himself forced to deal with the real life concerns that come with divorce and fitting in with different groups of friends.

This was such a cute story. I think everyone should give it a read if you can find it handy. It definitely exaggerates some of the old high school stereotypes but it also shows how they don’t really matter any more than we make them matter. I liked how the kids came together and worked together. Plus I really liked Nate and Charlie’s relationship. They’re long time friends that went different directions but who still put up with one another. Another thing I liked was how it showed that even us nerds can sometimes be douchebags and the stereotype slinging doesn’t go just one way. We’re not always the victims and when everyone forces stereotypes on one another it’s no fun for anyone.

I mean, c’mon. Robot fighting is so freakin’ awesome. Everyone should be allowed to love it and enjoy it no matter who they are or were in high school. And I was brought near to tears at one point with the cheerleaders and Joanna – the robotic club’s token girl.

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is a cute, coming of age story that I definitely recommend. Get your geek on, people!

You can check out the majority of the comic at the series’s website (it originally began as a webcomic) or support the artists by buying the full, completed story next month.

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