Do you like watching television shows? Do you like writing about them? Well, we are looking for avid television aficionados to come join the Nerdophiles team as episode recappers! With the fall television season about to start, we are looking for dedicated tv lovers to apply. This is a non-paid position.

Recappers will be hired as contributors and are chosen based on the television shows that they would like to cover. We are looking for eloquent and dedicated writers who can add a bit of their own flair to their writing while also being respectful of the content. No previous experience is required, and this is a great position for those looking to extend their portfolio. The most important thing we require is consistency.

Recappers will cover one to two shows to start, and may graduate to more if deemed appropriate by the editorial staff. Weekly recaps of television shows have a deadline window of one to two days post-airing. For example, a show airing on Tuesday night with a two night window, has a deadline of being published Thursday night. This deadline window is flexible based on the show and its popularity.

These are the shows we are currently looking to have coverage of:

Childhood’s End, Scream Queens, Limitless, Supernatural, The Originals, Sleepy Hollow, Angel From Hell, Haven, Grimm, Continuum, Once Upon A Time, Into the Badlands, The Librarians, The Magicians, Galavant

If you haven’t looked away yet, fill out the application below and email it to us at nerdophiles[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject “I Want To Be A Nerdophiles Recapper!” with two writing samples (which can either be copy and pasted or attached to the email).




Shows you are interested in recapping: These should be shows airing in Fall 2015. Midseason and Spring shows can be mentioned in addition for future reference.

Do you have ready access to watch episodes of the shows on the night of airing? In other words, are you able to watch these shows the night that it airs, as opposed to watching it during a rerun or when it appears the next morning.

Writing Samples: Choose two of the options below to write an article that could potentially be ready to publish with Nerdophiles. The maximum word count for each of these options is approximately 1600 words, while the minimum is 500 words. Recap samples can not be based on an episode or season that has already been covered on Nerdophiles.

1: Episode Recap. Please provide us with the most recent episode recap of one of the shows you are interested in (typically this will be the season finale). If you are curious about style or tone, you should check out our recap category tag.  The recap should be concise while remaining engaging. Previously written recaps or reviews may be used, however we would prefer an original article.

2: Season Recap. These follow the same vein as the episode recap, but are based on entire season versus a single episode. These recaps should illustrates whether the season was enjoyable to you. They should show an understanding of the entire season, with references back to what specific scenes or storylines were good and what could be improved upon. Like the episode recap, this must be a season recap of the most recent season of a show.

3: Catch Up Article. An example of this type of article can be found here. This type of article is typically written and published a few days before show returns, therefore it is not applicable to freshman season shows. The catch up article should recap the reader on everything that occurred in the previous season and suggest some hopes and expectations for the upcoming season.

4: Editorial. We are always looking for editorials based on television shows, so if you are passionate about a storyline or a character or have some kind of meta that you’d like to polish up and see published, send it to us. While they are opinion articles, they should be respectful as well as professional. These editorials should be ready to publish.

4 thoughts on “Do You Want to Write About TV?”

  1. If I were only able to watch episodes the following morning and submit a recap later that day would that be acceptable? Or do you need people who can watch them as they air?

    1. That would be fine! There is essentially a 48 hour window for getting TV recaps posted. So if your only access would be Hulu or watching DVR the next day you would have a little time.

  2. I would love to help contribute! I’m a senior Journalism major, graduating in December. Unfortunately, I don’t follow any of the shows you have listed. If you ever need someone to cover Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Gotham, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or Doctor Who, I am available. Thank you!

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