NASA’s Curiosity Rover has been roaming around Mars for nearly two years now, and it’s been reported today that it’s just found some fresh water.

Curiosity’s mission has been to assess whether or not Mars is or ever was habitable for microbial life, and the latest information from NASA confirms that – yes – it was.

It seems from the lengthy reports that have been provided that the Red Planet used to be quite a lot more like our home planet than we thought.

Curiosity found an ancient lake not too far from it’s landing site in Gale Crater not so long ago. After months of speculation and analysis, Curiosity has confirmed that there was once enough water to generate clay minerals… 4 billion years ago.

“This is really similar to an Earth environment,” said John Grotzinger, the chief scientist of the Curiosity Rover mission.

“If you have it sustained for a while, life can be there and do something and persist”.

The $2.5 billion science laboratory still has another 200 or so days left on it’s mission, and we’re sure to hear more about Mars’ ancient history in the near future.

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