Synopsis for: When a scandalous video is leaked, Emma learns a heartbreaking secret.

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So a few weeks ago I complained that Scream wasn’t moving it’s plot forward quick enough. I said it was trying to make the beats of a 90-minute movie fill an entire TV season.

I take it back. I take it all back.

So much stuff happened this week I honestly don’t even know where to begin. Too much happened. Which convinces me one or two of those things are going to be the truly important things, and the show is trying to throw us off.

And I'm more caught up that anybody, even though I'm not the main character, and I have nothing to do with it! [MTV]
And I’m more caught up in it than anybody, even though I’m not the main character, and I have nothing to do with it! [MTV]
First of all, it made Piper the journalist our prime suspect. The first one we’ve really had. She has a tragic backstory that could easily be spun as the catalyst for psychosis, and was conveniently nearby for everything the killer later claimed to have overheard.

She was also missing at the vigil when the mask was seen, and she arbitrarily offered a mildly distressed Emma a drink from her flask, which she noticeably did not drink from herself.

But that’s also way too flipping easy. Kieran, on the other hand, was made much more blatantly suspicious in his behavior, was missing last episode, and so far conveniently has no narrative ties to anything else going on with the other characters.

I'm cute but pretty sketchy. [MTV]
I’m cute, but pretty sketchy. [MTV]
And if Kieran is the killer, is that not exactly the plot of Eye Candy, which also aired on MTV? Although, as the reclusive and mildly obsessive moody white boy, he’s statistically more likely to be an actual serial killer than anyone else on the show, so, there’s that.

All of that makes me think he and Piper could be working in tandem, as Scream franchise killers famously do. Which is why it was pretty wild to see that role already embodied by Jake and Will. They literally wore matching masks to threaten the mayor, and used each other to create alibis for themselves. They are so much like Billy and Stu from the original movie it’s hilarious.

But we already know about them. We know exactly what they’re doing and why. It’s a red herring that’s not a red herring. Will is a dirt bag to be sure, but doesn’t really want to be involved in the blackmail anymore, especially now that people are getting hurt. Speaking of Will, Emma FINALLY kicked his lying, cheating, spying, whiny, selfish ass to the curb!

Jake on the other hand, enjoys it a little too much and has no problem throwing Will under the bus to protect himself. The kid’s definitely heading off the rails which could give us a compelling plausible psycho for next season.

Seriously, would you trust this? [MTV]
Seriously, would you trust this? [MTV]
The corner piece in that blackmail puzzle also finally fell into place when Jake manipulated Brooke into watching the voyeur tapes, telling her they were Will’s and he’d never had the guts to watch them himself. It turns out, Brooke’s father killed her mother, Jake and Will inadvertently saw it while spying on Brooke, and are blackmailing him for college tuition money.

Or at least, that’s how it appears. We know there’s a body, but we don’t know whose, and it’s one more murder that, like Rachel’s, isn’t tied to the other three.

Noah found the spyware though, and the FBI is in town now, so things are about to get interesting.

On another note, I don’t think the show meant to do this per se, but with such a tech-oriented killer, literally every character has to be a whiz with internet technology in order to be a plausible suspect, and it’s pretty cool that even the white dads and the dance team captain can just rig a security system or remotely hack a laptop and no one questions it.

I'm a spineless coward, but I set up parabolic mics with zero background noise in my kitchen. [MTV]
I’m a spineless coward, but I set up parabolic mics with zero background noise in my kitchen. [MTV]
Body Count: 5

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