Synopsis of 2×03: The President visits National City. Kara and J’onn work to save the president’s life. Alex teams up with a new detective. The identity of the alien who crash landed is revealed. 


What’s Supergirl to do when the mysterious unconscious alien that crash-landed on Earth suddenly wakes up and clearly dazed and confused begins throwing DEO agents left and right as he attempts to escape. It certainly doesn’t help that Chris Wood looks incredibly ripped shirtless. Despite DEO’s attempts, the mystery man disappears into the city.

Unfortunately, the man’s escape couldn’t come at a worse time as the president of the United States is visiting National City to sign the Alien Amnesty Act, which would allow aliens on earth to live out of the shadows as full citizens. J’onn doesn’t seem to be wholly supportive of the act considering the number of rogue aliens the DEO has gone up against. Kara is given the unique opportunity to greet the president when she arrives on the tarmac.

At Cat Co, James finds himself in a difficult situation when Snapper Carr begins calling the shots and making assignments for James. For her first article, Snapper assigns Kara to interview Lena Luthor on her opinion on the Alien Amnesty Act. While interviewing Lena, Lena reveals a prototype Alien detection device that she hopes to eventually put on the mass market. When Lena isn’t looking, Kara uses her heat vision to somehow alter the device and prevents Lena from discovering her alien identity.

[The CW]
[The CW]
Of course the president’s arrival doesn’t go smoothly and despite Kara’s eagerness to meet Lynda Carter’s Madam President, she is forced to jump into action and save her life when fireballs begin flying at the crowd. Who actually believed it would go off without a hitch?

At the crime scene, Alex butts heads with newcomer Detective Maggie Sawyer from NCPD’s science division. The DEO manages to track their mysterious escapee and low and behold instead of finding him, Alex instead finds Maggie already on scene.

Maggie later calls Alex and asks her to meet her at a bar, a bar that happens to be a safe haven for aliens. Maggie seems to have a penchant for helping aliens and claims she feels closer to them then most humans, even having dated a few. Maggie and Alex talk to one of Maggie’s informants and learn that their escapee may be attempting to find a way home. Winn quickly discovers that the man sent a signal to a planet called Daxam.

Kara goes after the man and surprisingly he claims to not want to hurt anyone. After fighting him, she is able to subdue him and return him to the DEO. Kara reveals that Daxam was essentially a sister world to Krypton and that the two planets have long been at war over politics. Kara questions the Daxamite about his role in the president’s attack and he denies having anything to do with the attack.

Kara eagerly presents her first article to Snapper but he rudely questions her slant and bias in her reporting, claiming that she should keep her personal feelings to herself. Snapper forces her to re-write the article and Kara later surprisingly admits that eventually she was glad that he did as it allowed her to view things from a different perspective. She and Lena share a poignant heart to heart after Kara informs Lena she re-wrote the article.

[The CW]
[The CW]
When the president finally re-emerges to sign the Amnesty Act, she is once again attacked by an alien wielding deadly fireballs. The alien is revealed to be Scorch, a woman who Maggie and Alex glimpsed at the bar earlier. Kara, Alex and Maggie attempt to subdue Scorch, but Scorch distracts Kara and Alex while taking Maggie. Alex returns to the bar where she last saw Scorch and after obtaining some new intel, she and Kara confront Scorch. With Maggie’s help, the three of them are able to subdue and capture her.

Kara graciously apologizes to their mystery man for blaming him and the two formally introduce themselves, the later revealing himself to be Mon-El. Despite this, Kara grimly reveals to him that Krypton’s destruction inadvertently led to the destruction and destabilization of Daxam and that neither of them have a home to return to.

The President thanks both J’onn and Kara for saving her life and as she walks away, reveals only to the audience that she is actually an alien. Whether or not she is a good or bad alien remain to be determined but something tells me this isn’t the last we’ll see of Lynda Carter’s Madam President.

J’onn chooses to visit the alien refuge bar later that day and seems to recognize a bartender that helped Alex earlier. J’onn confronts the bartender outside and she turns, revealing herself to be M’Gann M’orzz, the last daughter of Mars. Cue a speechless J’onn. 

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