If you’re walking around the Exhibit Hall today you should definitely stop by the Ash. vs. the Evil Dead booth (#4092). Not only is it one of the coolest, quickest walk through booths on the floor it’s got some pretty awesome swag.

I got a chance to walk through the booth on Thursday. It lets you get a hands-on, first-look at the interior of Ash’s trailer home. It’s a mixture of old lawn furniture, work out equipment, shady fish tanks, and lots of booze.

Ash vs. the Evil Dead picks up a couple decades after Army of Darkness and Ash has wanted nothing to do with the Evil Dead (understandably so). But when you walk through the trailer you’ll find out just how hard it is to avoid the deadites yourself when you meet one up close and personal! You’re in a good place to fight them off, though. Take a look in Ash’s interior tool shed to see the original chainsaw hand!

Stop by and get hyped for Ash vs. the Evil Dead! The ten-episode series airs this fall on Starz.

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