Synopsis: Tracy is a Kanima who transforms and goes on a murderous rampage before the creepy robots kill her. The twerp (Donovan) who got arrested in the first episode this season ends up getting kidnapped by the creepy robots.
Rating: ?????

A few notes to start this week’s episode:
1. Why you gotta make me care about Tracy and then make her kill her own father before she’s murdered?
2. WHAT IS WITH THE CLOSE UPS OF DRILLS AND NEEDLES STABBING PEOPLE?! Sweet Jesus on buttered toast, writers. I’d like to be able to sleep occasionally.
3. Stile’s malfunctioning Jeep has been a major plot point at least three times thus far this season. I want to hire whoever negotiated its promotion to a series regular.

Now onto the recap.

The sheriff is now back in the dating game–and he’s going out with none other than the dazzling Ms. Martin. Back at the station, the repeat offender twerp is being transported to prison, but not before he verbally threatens the sheriff’s life.

The transport vehicle spirals out of control after the driver becomes paralyzed. Slime drips from the car’s roof–we pan up to see Tracy atop the car. After the car stops, Tracy maims both of the cops and kills her father (the kid’s lawyer). A robot abducts the twerp and graphically drills into his head. #nosleeptonight

Can we talk about how twisted it is that the writers made Tracy kill her own father for shock value? Let’s play the make-the-female-characters-experience-unnecessary-trauma-for-titillation game!

Anyway, Lydia and Kira are helping Malia practice for her driving test–Lydia directs Malia to the crime scene with the transport van with her banshee intuition. Scott tracks down Donovan while a sketch Theo lurks overlooking the massacre.

Donovan, back in jail, is acting really strange and hearing robot-noises in his head. He refuses to talk to the Sheriff.

We learn that Tracy killed her psychiatrists along with her father. The next day, a hallucinating Tracy shows up in Liam’s history class; the gang evacuate the school by pulling a fire alarm, but not before Tracy scratches the girl Liam knows from the sixth grade. The girl rushes off to the bathroom, where her arm magically heals.

Tracy collapses, leaking out grey liquid from her mouth. Scott brings her to Deaton for further analysis. He sets up a mountain ash barrier and proceeds to test Tracy’s skin; he discovers it’s so strong it breaks scalpel blades.

Lydia and Kira investigate Tracy’s home; they quickly realize that Tracy is targeting those people who helped her- so Lydia’s mother is next.

Back at the vet’s office, Tracy’s back and neck vertebrae start shifting underneath her skin. Her back splits open, spraying the gang with viscera and revealing a kanima tail. Tracy slashes and paralyzes everyone in the room before she escapes, breaking the mountain ash barrier.

Malia heals the quickest and rushes off to catch (and presumably, kill) Tracy. Kira tries to fight Tracy and succeeds in cutting off her tail using her kitsune spirit.

Yaaas, slay! [buddytv]
Yaaas, slay! [buddytv]
Tracy rushes into the basement of the Sheriff’s office where Malia discovers her–the kanima is now holding Lydia’s mother captive. Malia and Tracy start a fight which ends with Malia choking Tracy. Malia decides to show Tracy mercy, but just after she does, the creepy robots materialize. They subdue Malia and give Tracy a lethal dose of the silver substance which kills her. Theo ends up freeing the rest of the paralyzed gang in Deacon’s office.

In other news, Liam discovers another hole in the ground which doesn’t belong to Tracy, suggesting there are more kanimas. Malia discovers the Desert Wolf has brutally slaughtered more than a few humans.

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