To start off, I personally LOVED this conference. I’ll get to precisely why soon, but this is hands own the best conference so far in my opinion.

Sony had some new titles to show-off this year, but they started off with a title some readers may be familiar with – The Last Guardian. Officially showcased in 2009, this game has been in development since 2007! The trailer featured a young boy and his rather impressively sized Bird Dog. Bird Dog will be the name of this surprisingly cute animal until someone shouts the proper name at me. The game play featured is the first ever game play released for The Last Guardian, and it looked pretty cool! I like the idea of Bird Dog and I’m excited for the full physics engine featured.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – This is a new franchise by Guerilla Games that showed off some off it’s gameplay from the Playstation 4. Guerilla Games has brought us Killzone (tons of ’em) and Shellshock: Nam ’67. Horizon: Zero Dawn looks a bit different from the Killzone games. Here, a young woman is hunting machine based animals for… something… that I thought was food? There is definitely a hunter, gatherer feel to it. The game play looks great and this is definitely a game I will be keeping my eye on. I hope it actually feels well put together when I play it in the future. The animals seen in the game play were intriguing, and I’m already curious about the story line.

Hitman – A new installment in the Hitman franchise! Square Enix is pushing forward with the next Hitman and it looks amazing. This was announced with an exclusive for Playstation 4, the exclusive being a Beta for Hitman that you can play before anyone else. Check it out here, on its website to take a look at pre-ordering for the beta and checking out the trailer! It’s definitely an ambitious undertaking that I hope works out for the best. Enjoy playing with Agent 47 again!

Street Fighter 5 – There is not too much information here. You can pre-order it for access to the beta, which is cool if you like Street Fighter. Apparently the main thing to notice in the trailer below is the return of Birdie and Cammie. The beta will be out and about on July 23rd.

No Man’s Sky – Hello Games is back at E3 for No Man’s Sky! I have been WAITING for this game (if you don’t believe me check out my article from forever ago). The entire concept behind it is amazing and I hope Hello Games pops this out and gets so much success that they can create more sci-fi awesomeness. This game is so massive and so impressive, I highly recommend everyone check this out. Seriously. You get to travel an entire universe, going from planet to planet doing whatever you want. You want to discover every species in the universe? Welcome to your new lifetime hobby.

Dreams – Created by the same peeps who have brought us LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, here we have a creative sandbox. It was delivered as a new innovative way to create your own art and then animate them. Not much is really known about this game yet, but the amount of creativity behind it is really inspiring.

Firewatch – This is the first game ever released by the developer Campo Santo! A quick wiki search reveals that this game is based off of a firewatchers experience during the fires at Yellowstone in 1988. This game looks like the player will be walking around the park while talking to your trusty walkie-talkie, which connects you to your supervisor. Supposedly the player will get to choose how his relationship with his walkie-talkie turns out. As with all fresh game developers, I hope this goes well for Campo Santo.

Destiny: The Taken King – An expansion pack for Destiny! For all of you Destiny lovers out there, this should be happy news! The Taken King will provide a new map, new playable content, new subclasses with new supers… Really cool stuff. If Destiny is your thing, or if you’ve been wanting to get it on it for a while, this is for you. For more information check out the website! The expansion is available for pre-order now and will be released September 15th of this year! I love it when things are released this year. Gimme all the cool stuff!

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – This ever expanding franchise brings gamers yet another Assassin’s Creed title. This one is all about helping the poor, taking from the rich – very Robin Hood-y. The Sony conference confirmed that there will be Playstation exclusive content in the form of Sherlock Holme’s inpired detective missions, which is interesting. The main thing that caught my attention was the fact that Sony showed off the female character, Evie Frye, the male protagonist’s sister. Her style looks sneaky and vicious, which I enjoyed.

World of Final Fantasy – This is a cute little game coming out exclusively for the Playstation 4 and the Vita. I’ll be honest, I’m excited for it. The monsters are cute-ified and everything is just so chibi! The release date for World of Final Fantasy is set rather vaguely, just being in 2016. This may be for the best though, as I have so many games coming out this year that I may just go broke.

Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE – YES. OMG YES. I love this announcement. I love this trailer. I love Square Enix. They announced this and I SQUEALED, no dignity saved. WE GET TO SEE BARRET! AND LOOK AT THE FLOWERS! I have not wanted a video game this badly in years. I have no idea when the release date on this sucker is, but I know I will be buying it. If you’re interested you should join me in tuning in to the Square Enix conference July 16th at one. Check out the trailer!

Shenmue 3 – Alright, so this game is still in the beginning stages of funding. The Kickstarter is asking for two million dollars to get this project up and going. If you want to help bring Shenmue back into existence, contribute here with Kickstarter! It is always great to be able to contribute to the games you love and this Kickstarter project really takes that to the next level. Get in there and support the series you love!

Arkham Knight – This was a bit confusing at first, as this game is coming out next month on the 23rd, but in the end it’s just some Playstation 4 exclusive downloadable content. In this case you can get your hands on the Scarecrow Nightmare missions, which did look pretty horrific in the trailer!

Project Morpheus – A virtual reality headset is incredible to think about and would really usher in a new era of gaming if it is able to get off of the ground. Sony is working with Project Morpheus to create 30 games that will work with the headset. Supposedly this technology would be available sometime next year for an unspecified amount of money. I’ll be honest, ever since .Hack came around years ago I have wanted a virtual reality headset for role playing games. I hope this becomes a reality and becomes the future of gaming!

Playstation Vue – Vue is a new cloud-based television service with three different plan types – Access, Core, and Elite. This will not be a cheap service, as the basic Access package with 50+ channels, live TV, etc… will cost fifty bucks. Core races ahead to sixty dollars, and Elite, which promises the ‘best’ channels, costs seventy dollars. The idea here is to compete with satellite and cable.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Another ad on to the world of Call of Duty brought to you by Activision! Black Ops II was well received when it came out in 2012, but the question is really becoming what can yet another first person shooter offer to the gaming community? If this happens to be your type of game and you have a Playstation 4, you may be pleased to note that Playstation is going to be the first place where you can play the COD: Black Ops III multiplayer beta.

Disney Infinity 3.0 – Disney Infinity 3.0 adds Star Wars to their family friendly collection of worlds, as well as new play sets centered around Star Wars. Seriously, there are so many play sets. There are also new Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, and Disney Pixar characters! The toy box seems to have gotten an update, and is now Toy Box 3.0. If you want more information and to pre-order the game go the their website!

Star Wars: Battlefront – This is a long anticipated game and from what I’ve see it looks like people are going to like it! It’s EA DICE and published by EA, so I would recommend going into this a little cautious as EA has a reputation for wanting all of your money and then some. There is a cooperative mode that is getting lot of attention, as have the air and land vehicles. The trailer was interesting and I’m interested to see how this goes.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Naughty Dog brings us the much anticipated next installment of the Uncharted series! The trailer shown at the Sony conference has been ridiculed for the violence in a city full of people and the blatant destruction of that city, but as long as we have game centered around shooting people in the face for points, I don’t think we can really complain about that. Honestly, I have never played another Uncharted game, but the footage at E3 made me want to give it a chance. Action adventure is always a fun way to pass time! Uncharted 4 should be out sometime next year, hopefully. I’ll leave the game play footage here for you to judge.

Did you enjoy the Sony E3 2015 conference?

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