Here are Nerdophiles we’re huge fans of Cards Against Humanity. It’s our go-to game when we’re hanging out together or with friends. It’s just so much fun coming up with the absolute worst combinations of cards possible (we’re probably pretty terrible people for admitting that).

As much fun as Cards Against Humanity is, though, it could be even more fun. The game is incredibly customizable and that gives us a lot freedom to make it a whole lot nerdier. You could make your own nerdy cards using either the self-printed templates or the blank cards in the printed decks.

Need some ideas?

There are some amazing card resources out there to check out! Here are some of our favorites.


Nerds Against Humanity

This Tumblr blog is probably my absolute favorite resource for nerdy Cards Against Humanity cards. Updated regularly, the cards make fantastic references to some of our favorite fandoms as well as recent pop culture happenings. This blog and it’s ideas are the single, solitary reason I need Cards Against Humanity to release a deck of nothing but blank cards! I want to make them all.

Carbs Against Humanity

Kitchen Overlord is one of the coolest geeky sites around. During the Kickstarter campaign for the Kitchen Overlord Illustrated Geek Cookbook one of the stretch awards was a custom expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity. When the time came, the result was awesome. You can get the full set of Carbs Against Humanity cards over at the Kitchen Overlord website.

Ladies Against Humanity

Yet another Tumblr favorite, Ladies Against Humanity is a frequently updated Cards Against Humanity blog focused on feminist-centric card ideas. Okay, so, no. There aren’t that many nerdy ones but who cares? They are freakin’ hilarious. If you need a bit more woman-focused hilarity in your deck, this is the place to find ideas.

Cords Against Harmony

This website has a lot of expansion packs and only a few of them are actually primarily nerd-centric. The basic Cords Against Humanity expansions are very similar in style and humor to the official deck and expansions (so, offensive and often insensitive jokes abound). There are some nerdy ones thrown in there but it’s not their primary focus. However, the Cords Against Humanity team also has produced Cords Against the 80’s, Cords Against Trekkies, and the Ferengi Rules Against Harmony for your nerdier needs.

Cards Against Science

If ever there were something to geek out about, science has found it, studied it, and made it cool for nerds to reference as a measure of just how smart they are. This card pack was crowd-sourced for Science Hack Day San Francisco and includes such gems as, “We regret to inform you that your investigation into the mating habits of ________ will not be funded.” Answers include, “Watson and Crick slash/fic” and “Astronomers attempting to dance.” Just add alcohol and anyone involved in STEM.


These are by no means the only places to find card inspiration. There are tons of lists of great places to check out. Many fandoms have their own versions – you need only Google them! For example, Game of ThronesHarry Potter, Star Trek, and Doctor Who have them. Just be wary of spoilers if you aren’t caught up on the series!

Know of some awesome sites that we didn’t list?

Let us know in the comments!

I, for one, am always in desperate need of more card ideas. I will have the nerdiest deck in all the land!

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