Mixing action and adventure with suspense and a flair of historical fiction, Brad Meltzer’s The Culper Ring series continues this June with the release of the third book, The President’s Shadow. Whether you’ve read the other books or you’re new to the series, it’s a great place to jump on board. I’m reading The President’s Shadow right now and let me tell you – this series is really, really cool (Brad Meltzer is an awesome author in general).

You can download a free preview of The President’s Shadow for whichever eReader you prefer if you want to check it out: Kindle, Nook, or iBooks.

Okay, but let’s say you want to read the whole Culper series.


You’re in luck.

That’s exactly what we’ve got up for offer! We’re running a giveaway in cooperation with Grand Central Publishing that would win you not just The President’s Shadow but the other two books in the series, too – The Inner Circle and The Fifth Assassin. The contest runs through the end of June 1st – that’s one week!

So what are you waiting for? Enter! Then read on for more information about the book and author.

Culper Ring Series Giveaway

About “The President’s Shadow”

Following The Inner Circle and The Fifth Assassin, #1 bestselling author Brad Meltzer returns with The President’s Shadow.

A severed arm, found buried in the White House Rose Garden.

A lethal message with terrible consequences for the Presidency.

And a hidden secret in one family’s past that will have repercussions for the entire nation.

There are stories no one knows. Hidden stories. I find those stories for a living.

To most, it looks like Beecher White has an ordinary job. A young staffer with the National Archives in Washington, D.C., he’s responsible for safekeeping the government’s most important documents . . . and, sometimes, its most closely held secrets.

But there are a powerful few who know his other role. Beecher is a member of the Culper Ring, a 200-year-old secret society founded by George Washington and charged with protecting the Presidency.

Now the current occupant of the White House needs the Culper Ring’s help. The alarming discovery of the buried arm has the President’s team in a rightful panic. Who buried the arm? How did they get past White House security? And most important: What’s the message hidden in the arm’s closed fist? Indeed, the puzzle inside has a clear intended recipient, and it isn’t the President. It’s Beecher, himself.

Beecher’s investigation will take him back to one of our country’s greatest secrets and point him toward the long, carefully hidden truth about the most shocking history of all: family history.

About the Author

BradMeltzerPhotoBrad Meltzer is the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers The Inner Circle, The Book of Fate, and six other bestselling thrillers. His nonfiction books, Heroes for My Son and Heroes for My Daughter, were also New York Times bestsellers. He is the host of the History Channel series Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and the Eisner Award-winning writer of Justice League of America. A graduate of the University of Michigan and Columbia Law School, he currently lives in Florida.

You can find much more about him at www.BradMeltzer.com.

You can also see what he’s doing right now on Facebook and Twitter.


This giveaway is sponsored by Grand Central Publishing. All prizes and materials were provided by the publisher.

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