Much to my dismay, in the early calls for cancellation, two freshman CBS shows have bitten the dust. Fans will have to say farewell to Battle Creek and Stalker, both of which will not be back to strut their stuff for another season. Joining them is The Millers and The McCarthys, both of which have also received the punishing network television axe.

The fate of many other popular shows, such as Person of InterestCriminal Minds, and Elementary are still up in the air as of Saturday. CBS seems to be lagging behind its counterparts in releasing the full list of what stays and what goes for the fall schedule. However, if I had to make my predictions, I’d assume we’re keeping the majority of the TBD shows with the exception of Hawaii 5-O and CSICSI‘s latest spin-off, however, may go on to see another season.

Odds are also in favor of the ever powerful NCIS and its first spin-off, NCIS: Los Angeles given the general success of the franchise from year to year. It would be difficult to believe either of these primetime heavy hitters could be cancelled, but time will tell as we wait anxious for the rest of the results from CBS.

EDIT: Below are the latest updates as of 5/11. It looks like my predictions were correct for the most part, though in a surprising twist Hawaii 5-O claimed another season. The fate of CSI is still up in the air while its new spin-off is being given another year to sink or swim.

Confirmed Renewals

Madam Secretary (Season 2)
NCIS: New Orleans (Season 2)
Scorpion (Season 2)
Mike & Molly (Season 6)
Mom (Season 3)
2 Broke Girls (Season 4)
The Big Bang Theory (Season 10)
Hawaii Five-O (Season 5)
CSI:CYBER (Season 2)
The Good Wife (Season 6)
Blue Bloods (Season 7)
Criminal Minds (Season 11)
Person of Interest (Season 6)
Elementary (Season 4)
NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 7)
(Season 13)
The Odd Couple
(Season 2)

Confirmed Cancellations 

The Millers
The McCarthys
Battle Creek




This article will be updated as more information rolls out.

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