Synopsis of 01×10: Freeform’s The Bold Type ended its first season with a powerful topic: sexual assault. Jane gets an eye opening experience when she is tasked with writing a piece about a performance artist/activist who is speaking out about sexual assault. Kat is distracted by thoughts of Adena while trying to throw a memorable NY Fashion Week party for Scarlet. Sutton gets into an awkward situation with Richard. 

Kat reveals to Sutton and Jane that she almost got on the plane with Adena. Sutton thinks it was a romantic gesture and Jane believes Kat should’ve gotten on the plane because life is too short and you never know what is going to happen.

It’s New York Fashion Week and Sutton wants to attend a show! She pipes up and tells Oliver that she would love the opportunity to attend if he’s willing to let her. If she can prove herself trustworthy, he just might let her. Alex asks Sutton out on a real date (I’m mean they already had sex so I guess she owes him one?). Oliver saves her from answering right away, but she can’t hide forever!

Jane musters up the courage to ask Jacqueline for a one-on-one meeting so she can officially give her two weeks notice. But when they meet privately, Jacqueline taunts Jane about her not being ready to write an article about a performance artist and activist who is speaking out about sexual assault. Jane loses focus and tells Jacqueline she is ready and capable of writing the article. So Jacqueline assigns it to Jane and she leaves the meeting without telling Jacqueline her plans to leave Scarlet. 

Meanwhile Kat is distracted at work and stares at pictures of Adena and her art throughout the day. Poor Kat! She should’ve just gotten on the damn plan! Instead she’s trying to put together the best New York Fashion Week party and decides to set a goal of two million followers in order to make the party seem successful to her.

Sutton fills Jane and Kat in about Alex wanting to date her. She thinks things would be easier with Alex, plus he’s always been there for her and makes her laugh. So she decides to give him a shot and quickly gets caught kissing him in the back staircase by Jacqueline!

Jacqueline forces both Alex and Sutton to have a chat with HR about their relationship. And guess who HR invited to the private meeting? Richard! Sutton basically breaks his heart by saying she had sex with Alex, but she’s sure to say it’s all new.

Meanwhile, Jane interviewed the sexual assault activist and is reviewing her video and notes when Jacqueline tells her she needs to dig deeper and wants to review her follow-up questions. Jacqueline seems to be pushing Jane pretty hard about this article and it’s messing with Jane’s head.  

The Scarlet New York Fashion Week party is a huge success. Jane tries to dodge Jacqueline at the party, but instead finds the courage she needs and breaks the news that she’s leaving Scarlet. She also apologies to Jacqueline for letting her down. Jacqueline feels the complete opposite and tries to tell Jane, but she doesn’t get the chance.

Sutton speaks to Richard and he reveals that he should’ve tried harder to keep her. Alex sees her talking to Richard and things get a little awkward. Which leads to Sutton ending things with Alex before they even begin, she’s even got a break-up photo to prove it. Kat reaches the two million follower goal she set. She should be excited about it, but all she can about is Adena. 

Jane finds herself visiting the sexual assault activist in the park. Kat and Sutton ditch the party to join her. Surprisingly, Jacqueline shows up and takes the weights from the artist disclosing that she too has been sexually assaulted. The next day, Jane finds herself interviewing Jacqueline about her experience. Jacqueline also tells Jane how proud she is of her.

Sutton and Richard might be giving it a for a second time. And Kat secretly books a ticket to see Adena. 

Overall, this was a very powerful season finale. It almost makes me wonder if The Bold Type will come around for another season. I would obviously love to see these ladies continue to conquer the world, but I’m also content with how the season ended if it turns out to be it for this ladies.

What are your thoughts?

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