Synopsis: Francis and Bash rush to rescue a church full of young boys who were taken hostage by Protestant rebels. In the meantime, Conde marries Elizabeth by proxy, only to have all traces of the marriage erased the next morning.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

A lot happened this episode, so we’re going to break it down by character.


Greer is doing surprisingly well for herself. When she was talking about moving into that ‘modest townhouse,’ she actually meant she’s moving into some really swanky rooms where she can operate her now flourishing business.

We didn’t see Laith all episode, so hopefully Greer will finally wake up and realize that she’s better off without him hanging around at her heels begging for marriage.

Kenna (*cough Caitlin Stasey cough*)

I’ve mentioned before how this actress in real life and her onscreen character seem very similar. This week’s adventures in Kenna’s story involve her flirting with General Renaud at Greer’s new operation and saying the word ‘vagina’ when asking who Bash is running off to see in the woods on the daily.

I swear the FCC must have a ton of problems with this show, but more power to Reign’s writers for reminding me about the gender disparities in how anatomy is discussed *appropriately* on television.

Catherine (and Narcisse and Lola)

Catherine and Narcisse are getting cozier this episode. Narcisse lends his troops and General Renaud to rescue the boys who were taken hostage by Protestant rebels. He also plants evidence that Conde’s men were responsible for the act of domestic terrorism.

Narcisse also visits Lola at Greer’s house, warning her that she should stay away from there if she hopes to uphold her reputation. He claims he still cares for her. News of their conversation leaks to Catherine, who starts fuming at the end of the episode.


Runs off to support his burgeoning hero complex, as always. He leads the charge in rescuing the boys, but not without more than a few characteristically pessimistic phrases like, “The men we have are not right for this mission,” since Francis sent his armies to defend Scotland last episode.

We get it. Stop making a bad situation worse with your attitude.

Conde (and Mary)

Conde and Mary continue their affair until Conde realizes someone planted evidence suggesting he initiated the attack on the church. Then, he freaks out and decides to marry Elizabeth. After the marriage is performed by proxy, the priest and the proxy are both killed, leaving no trace of the agreement.

Conde suspects that Elizabeth planned the entire scheme so as to not alienate Navarre and gain a foothold in France. Catherine learns of Conde’s treachery. So do Mary and Francis. Mary finally ends things with Conde, but not before blaming herself for driving him to such extreme measures.

Mary and Francis

Are as strained as ever. Francis blames Mary for the entire hostage situation and France’s weakened state. He also coldly declares he doesn’t care what she does after she was willing to betray him and his country. Honestly, this is the one time when Francis is probably right.

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