Cherry City Comic Con has come to a close. I stayed right up until five o’clock when the announcement went out to finish up shopping and leave the building. With some applause and a fantastic exit by a featured car from the Fast and Furious franchise, it was a wonderful end to a successful second year convention. There were a lot of highlights to check out and when I actually hit the convention floor, they panned out pretty well.

Entertainment Guests

So here’s the thing: I didn’t meet any of them. I did walk by Deep Roy, though, and he was about as amazing as I thought he’d be. His table was also swamped with fans and I wasn’t particularly inclined to fight them to get to him, especially since I didn’t plan to buy anything. Nonetheless, he seemed to bring a lot of joy to people’s faces and was definitely one of the bigger attractions.

However, he was eclipsed by Michael Jai White who had a constant line waiting for him on Saturday. It made sense, since Saturday was his only day, but I couldn’t believe how many people were jumping at the bit to meet him. I barely caught a glimpse of the man among the crowds. The other entertainment guests certainly brought in some fans and there was a little something for everyone who was really into the classics.

Comic Guests

I ended up meeting a heck of a lot of people with amazing product. I did a lot of lurking around Brett Weldele’s booth, but also checked out some of the smaller time comic book artists and writers. Joseph Grabowski and Colin Lawler’s comic, Spirits: The Soul Collector immediately caught my eyes and I picked up the first issue. I had the chance to talk with one of the minds behind Kilted Comics and picked up their cute mini comic, If Coffee was like Comic Con. It was so neat to get to meet the ambitious people behind charming indie comics.

Also by chance, since their booth was next to Brett’s, I ran into the guys behind a new indie horror book called Blood & Gourd. I overheard them pitching it to another customer and they jokingly asked if I was interested in buying the last issue they’d brought with them. Of course I said yes. Whose going to turn down supporting some great indie comic book guys? As with most small cons, the comic guests were really the highlight of my attendance.

General Convention Fun

Cosplayers were at a low compared to last year, though that may have just been because there were fewer people and more cosplayers. However, there were still a lot of amazing costumes to be seen. There was also a kids area which was great, especially Sunday, because parents brought their kids along and there was something for them to do.

All in all, the highlights lived up to and exceeded the hype.

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