FanAlley has come up with a really cool marketing device for Wondercon, which involves free art for you and free press for artists. They wandered around the convention yesterday handing out blank cards for artists to do their own art drops around the convention center.

Check out their Instagram post explaining how you can get involved as an artist and follow them for updates on whether or not they’ll be back out later this weekend! (Sadly they won’t be out today!)

This is seriously one of the coolest convention ideas we’ve seen in a while!

Follow the #fanalley and #fanalleyartdrop hashtags on Twitter or Instagram to see these art drops in action.

They’ve also had an even easier way to hunt them down if you’re interested in saying hello. Find their trusty puppet pal, Alley the Muppet, and take a picture with her!

So far a few artists have gotten on board with the art drops and left hints as to where you can find their free doodles! Keep your eyes on the hashtag though, we’d love to see more of these art drops throughout the weekend!

Who can resist a Kamala Khan doodle as adorable as this?!

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