For the past two months one of my absolute favorite Twitter accounts has been @DystopianYA. The account good-naturedly lampoons the stereotypes so prevalent in young adult literature. The account is helmed by writer Dana Schwartz who also runs the popular @GuyinYourMFA account and brings the same sort of humor to our favorite genre.

It’s hilarious and hundreds and thousands of people – including a number of young adult authors – have been retweeting gems like this:

What I love so much about that account is that it’s sometimes just fun to poke fun at the things you love. In the last twenty-four hours, a new hashtag has been taking Twitter by storm and thousands of new voices are emerging to crack jokes and point out just how ridiculous the YA genre can be. #VeryRealisticYA let’s us all take a moment to laugh at the unrealistic parts of young adult fiction – and at ourselves for loving it regardless.

It all originated with John Hansen, a teen writer who runs a blog for other teen writers.

This one bemused realization gave birth to the #VeryRealisticYA hashtag and the results have been hilarious.

Check out some of my favorites below and then hop on Twitter to add your own. The hashtag is still gong strong and there is plenty of fun to still be had. And hats off, to you, John Hansen. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

There are tons of others on Twitter.

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