World of Rynaga: Sea Child

18482639Author: Eric Torres
Release Date: Month Day, Year
Publisher: Specimen Designs
Source: Eric Torres and Specimen Designs
Genre(s): Fantasy

Rating: ?????
Review Spoilers:  Low
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I have read a lot of indie released books. Just browse through our Indie eBook Round up and you’ll see the dozens upon dozens of them that I’ve read through and reviewed. Usually I sort of grade them on a bit of a lower curve than books released by major publishers because I feel like I need to give them a bit of leeway.

That is not the case of Eric Torres’s Sea Child.

To be fair that’s not the case with anything associated with the World of Rynaga. The professional design of the entire series of works by Eric Torres has blown me away from day one. The Sea Child book is no exception at all. From the book itself to the story within, I was incredibly impressed by how well put together and thought out everything was. I mean, Eric Torres is crazy inventive and creative. He puts more thought into creating this world than I think most of us probably put into anything we ever do. So if as you’re reading along in this book and you have some questions about what something means or the significance of something mentioned don’t you worry about. Eric has you covered. At the end of the book he’s provided a series of end notes for each chapter that expands on slang, characters, locations, animals, and more.


So not only do you get to enjoy a fantastic story in the Sea Child itself you get a chance to learn even more about Rynaga afterward.

And the Sea Child is certainly a fantastic story. It follows the adventures of a young boy named Neko Minnowlark, a Mirkyn child whose entire species has long since been lost to legend in the mainland of Rynaga. For generations they have remained at the bottom of the ocean after a disastrous event caused them to isolate themselves. But Neko Minnowlark is a very special child and despite his people’s misgivings about the world above he wants to know what it’s like up there.

The ever determined Neko prepares for his adventures and finds himself venturing forth to a particular island where he makes friends among the native wildlife. But just these little visits are not enough to elevate one to ‘legend’ and – if you’ve read the subtitle – Sea Child is the first volume in a collection of stories about the legendary heroes of Rynaga. Throughout the story you’ll follow Neko as he explores, learns more about the people living on the island, and finds himself suddenly wrapped up in a much larger issue of mainland politics than he could have ever imagined.


Neko’s heroism and determination – as well as that of his closest friends! – are what make him a legend and you’ll find yourself wrapped up in his story and begging for more. At 104 fully illustrated pages, the story seems almost too short and Eric teases us with the equally heroic story of one of Neko’s decendants. Which is, of course, another story to be told later on.

Speaking of illustrations, let’s take a moment to appreciate the artwork in this book. Done up in Eric’s unique style and matching other entries in the series, Sea Child is full of illustrations that will have Iconica fans going mad. I honestly do not know how he manages to make his work look so absolutely stunning. His style seems so simple and yet the way he puts his illustrations together truly manage to transport you to Rynaga.

Final Thoughts: 
Sea Child is the sort of story that anyone can enjoy and one that would be more then well suited for reading with your children. It has that sort of all-ages fantasy story feel to it and the illustrations that accompany it will appeal to everyone. Plus you’re supporting a great indie content producer! You can’t go wrong with Sea Child.

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