Olivier Armstrong [Etsy]
Olivier Armstrong

Olivier Armstrong Fullmetal Alchemist Cosplay by Heritagedressmakers2

This is a fantastic handmade cosplay outfit of Olivier Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist! The jacket and over skirt is made from wool, which is nice and explains part of the price for this outfit. It is recommended that you order a custom size, so that the outfit fits you better and for a starting price of $410 dollars, you are going to want it to fit! There are three reviews that have been left for this purchase, all of them five star reviews that echo the same sentiment – good quality, great tailoring.

If you order this outfit you won’t quite receive everything in the above picture, but you will get the military jacket, over skirt with the belt, pants, and military metals. It seems then that you would be on your own to secure an Olivier Armstrong sword, boots, wig, and gloves. If ordered at the base price of $410 dollars, you are looking at getting this in 6-8 weeks time. You can up the price to $510 dollars if you work out a rush delivery with Heritagedressmakers2 and you are looking at $10 dollars for shipping in the United States and between $25-40 bucks in shipping anywhere else.

Eren Yeager [Etsy]
Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager Attack on Titan Cosplay by Cosrea

All of Cosrea’s outfits look well done, and as of now this shop has 183 reviews and is still a five star business on Etsy. Their outfits do have a downfall with being ordered by size and as they don’t seem to immediately offer a custom order. This Eren Yeager costume comes with the faux suede jacket, shirt, pants, and the waist piece which they refer to as the apron. It does NOT come with the harness, but the harness can be found here for an additional sixty-five dollars with free shipping worldwide.

This item takes about 15 to 35 days to produce and then another 7 to 14 days to ship. It will set you back $145 for the outfit and it comes with free shipping world wide. You can up the shipping to express shipping for about $19, or go to priority express shipping for $25. Honestly, the free shipping sounds fantastic and when combined with the great reviews, I would definitely order from this shop.

Organization XIII [Etsy]
Organization XIII

Organization XIII Kingdom Heart 2 Cosplay  by TailorShop88

You can be a member of Organization XIII! How cool is that? It’s a relatively simple outfit, but it looks proper. TailorShop88 makes it from pleather and it comes with everything seen above – the cloak, chain, and gloves, with the chain being removable. You can either custom order a size to fit your specific measurements or you can order a generic size, the choice is yours! The price for this piece is pretty competitive at $99 and a flat $15 for shipping no matter where you happen to be located. They advertise a 2 – 4 week processing time and then a 7 day shipping time. TailorShop88 seems to have an overall positive rating from reviews, though not as flawless as Cosrea and TailorShop88 doesn’t offer free shipping, but it’s also not as expensive.

Draenei Shaman Tier 8 [Etsy]
Draenei Shaman Tier 8

Draenei Shaman Tier 8 World of Warcraft Cosplay by Cosrea

This particular cosplay outfit is very well put together. If you have the passion for World of Warcraft and the money to spend, this is a great costume to consider! This a full custom size outfit of the Tier 8 Shaman set for a male Draenei. It’s made from PVC and EVA, and includes the entire outfit. You will get the shoulder, leg, chest, arm, and waist armor along with the face mask, tail, and shoes. There is no metal or fiber glass in the outfit. This is a truly remarkable cosplay!

If you have your heart set on this piece, you’re looking at $1850 dollars for the outfit and another $85 bucks in shipping. Production takes 3-8 weeks, which I would expect for something so detailed. This is another item from Cosrea, so I trust the shop to deliver quality work. What World of Warcraft fan wouldn’t want to go to the next convention wearing this?

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