Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere


If you don’t know about Reading Rainbow, what rock were you living under as a child? This Kickstarter has hit $3 million in three days – and still has a month of fundraising to go. The goal is to bring Reading Rainbow to the web, making it accessible to more children, but also bringing it into schools to help improve literacy in children. By making it to the stretch goal of $5 million, they can bring Reading Rainbow to 7,500 underprivileged classrooms for free, as well as bridging it to even more platforms for even more access. As an avid reader, it’s amazing to see this project succeed and as an avid Kickstarter campaign-watcher, my mind is blown that 70,000 people already agree.

Under $20 Rewards: For $5, you’ll get updates and a thank you on the site. For $10, you’ll get a mention in a group tweet and access to digital wallpapers. If you splurge for $25, you can get the special Reading Rainbow Collector’s Episode and a month of access to the Reading Rainbow app and library.

Ends July 2, 2014.

IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls



IAmElemental aims to bring action figures to girls with a focus on positive traits the come from within a person. Using the periodic table of elements and Joan of Arc as inspiration, this first set released via Kickstarter is made up of the elements that define courage. The action figures seen above embody bravery, energy, honesty, industry, enthusiasm, persistence, and fear. There are more series’ planned for the future using “The Elements of Power” and IAmElemental stresses that by allowing girls to play with a different sort of action figure, they will create a different kind of story. They’ve also taken care to create a more realistic body figure when making these figures, which I really appreciate.

Under $20 Rewards: For $2, you can be included in a graphic tribute. For $10, you’ll get one Elemental Figure Mystery Pack (as they’re all going to be sold). For $15, you’ll get an IAmElemental baseball cap to show your love of the elemental figures.

Ends June 12, 2014.




The name isn’t all that great, but look at the graphics here. I really like the geometric thing they have going on (which is easier to see in motion, so go to the Kickstarter and watch the video) and this kind of first person shooter seems right up my alley because time only moves when you move. If you have the right plug-in, you can even test out the game right now here. By allowing players to focus on aiming and planning for things they see coming, SUPERHOT is rolling a puzzle game into a FPS. With a simple concept, they have also promised a dynamic story line that is driven by the single-player campaign.

Under $20 Rewards: For $14, you get a Steam Key for the game, as well as access to the developer forum where you get “behind the scenes” access and a lot of different digital downloads like wallpapers and ringtones.

Ends June 14, 2014.

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