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Synopsis: Jim Corrigan contacts the gang to investigate girls being abducted, meanwhile Constantine deals with a bounty placed on his head by the other side.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Here it is, final episode of Constantine this season and perhaps ever. After thirteen episodes… wait a second, 13. 13 is an unlucky number. It aired Feb 13, a Friday the 13th. An unlucky day. Known as being the day Templars were burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft -Woah, sorry I got a little carried away there. Anyways, the final episode dropped yesterday and left us in a prime place for wanting more. Let’s go over it shall we?

The episode starts under a blood red moon. A man, The Man as it turns out, wakes three creepy girls in dresses to help him on his wedding night. This amounts to finding another girl wandering a circus carnival type area. Because there are loads of those in Constantine. A security guard catches The Man in the act and is taken captive as well.

Cut to the Good Guys. Jim Corrigan back at it again! A detective investigating missing girls has been found mummified so Ol’ Corrigan got Constantine on the horn and brought him back to New Orleans. John, Zed, and Jim pal around and get up to investigating. Turns out there’s a Southern Satanist runnin’ amok under this blood moon, snatchin’ girls. It’s up to Constantine & Co. to stop him!

...and what they find may shock you! [NBC]
…and what they find may shock you! [NBC]
During the investigation the crew visit the corpse of the detective where Gary Lester, John’s old pal from episode 4, takes over the body and lets him in on some news. There’s an otherwordly bounty placed on John’s head. John’s curious but has more pressing matters.

Papa Midnite pops back in. This episode is playin’ the hits! Papa Midnite has also heard of the bounty and cooks up a remote controlled zombie attack vehicle to hunt down John Constantine.

Through means mystical and mundane the gang gets to The Man and saves the girl, discovering the three previous girls dead in a bed along the way. This guy, excuse me Man, has some magical powers it seems. The gang chase down The Man in the carnival area and get him handcuffed. Then, in the craziest thing I have ever seen in this show, an exchange happens between Constantine and Corrigan. John asks what would happen if a guy like this, a guy so dangerous and having killed several girls, had ran. Corrigan understands, takes the cuffs off and tell The Man to run.

AND THEN THEY FULL ON EXECUTE HIM. That’s right. In just a sentence, Constantine convinces cop Corrigan to ice this guy rather than bring him in. It’s an interesting idea and hints at the future of the characters but in only a sentence?! Maybe it could have been played stronger.

Johnny Got His Gun [NBC]
Johnny Got His Gun [NBC]
Anyways,  John releases some souls, Papa Midnite gets caught in a questionable situation, Zed and Jim have a talk at a bar where she reveals he is gonna die. Jim kisses her, John sees, Zed looks upset by it. John leaves. The music playing makes this all feel very melancholy…

But in case you are worried about it being too heavy, John takes a piss under a bridge.

Papa Midnite gets released from custody and meets… Manny who informs him Constantine is off the table. Something weird is afoot and when Midnite asks Manny if the angel works for the Brujeria he responds “The Brujeria work for me!” and takes off into the sky!


So that’s where we’re left off. Thirteen episodes in, the main plot still chugging along and a giant twist in the works right at the end. Will that be enough to get Constantine the second season order? I have no idea. But the creators sure made it clear. They’re not squeezing in their story to be finished just in case. The story still has places to go and if we get it, we’ll get it, but if not it ends here as a beginning to a greater story, but not condensed.

All in all, a solid episode synthesizing several plot threads from the comics into their new medium’s story. Will we get more? We’ll have to wait, hope, pray, or sacrifice (whichever you prefer) to the Powers That Be over at NBC.

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