World of Warcraft inspired DoomHammer by Troll Martellet Corp

WoW inspired Doomhammer! [Etsy]
WoW inspired Doomhammer!
If you’ve ever wanted to own a nice World of Warcraft inspired weapon, this is definitely going to stand out for you. The Doomhammer is Thrall’s weapon in World of Warcraft, having made its way to him after many generations in his family. It looks amazing, especially for being essentially made of foam. Check out the video to see how flexible this hammer is!

This hammer is for sale on Etsy for about $88 dollars and if you live in the United States go ahead and tack on an extra $53 for shipping, totaling just under $140 dollars to make this Doomhammer a new heirloom for your family.

Octopus Earrings by EvelinJewelry

Octopus Earrings! [Etsy]
Octopus Earrings!
These cute octopus earrings have become an obsession of mine recently, and I’ll be honest, I own two pairs and I still want more. They are crocheted and come in twenty-eight different colors. I have made it my personal mission to collect every color. These earring are a perfect gift for someone that enjoys octopi and cute little dangly earrings. These will set you back ten bucks before shipping, and with shipping to the U.S. it will come to right under fifteen dollars. Look at how those tentacles curl, how could you not buy some?

World of Warcraft Inspired Hearthstone Bracelet by TheTallGrass

WoW Inspired bracelet [Etsy]
WoW Inspired bracelet
A cute little charm bracelet that has been inspired by World of Warcraft‘s Hearthstone! The charms are hand made with polymer clay and they did a great job, they really look like miniature Hearthstones! This is a nice little bracelet for any World of Warcraft player, and great if you’re just looking for a small item to display your gaming passions. It’s made to order and before shipping costs $12, including shipping to the U.S. this item comes to $17.

How to Train your Dragon inspired Toothless Necklace by TheWhiteMandara

Toothless Necklace! [Etsy]
Toothless Necklace!
As a fan of How to Train your Dragon and an even bigger fan of how adorable Toothless is, this necklace is definitely appealing to me. You can even get necklaces of him holding different things in his mouth– such as hearts, stars, clovers, and candy corn. This particular necklace is $38 before shipping, and just under $42 dollars when including shipping to the United States. It seems a bit steep for a necklace, but it is hand made with polymer clay which takes some time and detailing, especially for a piece like this. The price does vary depending on what type of Toothless necklace you choose to buy and I did notice one that was being sold for $54, so the price will depend on the style of Toothless necklace you get.

Final Fantasy Inspired Light Switches by tragicprincess

Final Fantasy Inspired Light Switches [Etsy]
Final Fantasy Inspired Light Switches
If you are an avid Final Fantasy fan, you may be really interested in these light switches. They are hand drawn and then painted with acrylic on wooden light switch plates. You can get your light switch painted to look like a few Final Fantasy characters – Sephiroth, Moomba, Chocobo, Cactaur, Pupu, and/or Tonberry. These seem to be very Final Fantasy VIII inspired. I would legitimately enjoy having these in my house; they are colorful, cute, and are inspired by my favorite game series. They cost $6 dollars each, unless you go for the double light switch which is $10 dollars. They only ship to the United States with a shipping price of $4.

Are there any Etsy items you love? Tell me in the comments!

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