Synopsis of 2×10: Ichabod and Abbie search for a legendary sword capable of defeating Moloch, but must contend with Abraham, who has been sent by Henry to also find the sword.  Abraham and Ichabod finally confront their shared unresolved past history. Meanwhile, Katrina discovers the true extent of Henry’s plans and Jenny attempts to help Frank escape.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned after this episode, it’s not to steal your best friend’s wife, even for true love’s sake. Hell hath no fury like a scorned jealous ex-best friend, especially one such as the Headless Horseman, who just so happens to wield a deadly axe and shotgun. Still, Ichabod and Abraham finally get some time to actually talk, when Abraham isn’t trying to kill Ichabod that is. The two unload a lot from both of their shoulders and put everything out in the open, sharing their deep underlying issues with each other.

Abbie and Ichabod are playing some guessing games when they receive a message from Katrina via a mirror. She insists Moloch still lives and has matured at an exceptional rate. Ichabod tells Katrina that they may have discovered the existence of a weapon capable of defeating Moloch. Before she can answer though, she is forced to leave or be discovered. After she leaves, Henry is seen using the same mirror to listen in on Abbie and Ichabod. It appears Henry has been allowing Katrina to secretly contact them in the hopes that he can spy on them in return.

Spurred by Katrina’s revelation, Ichabod is able to decipher a code from Grace Dixon’s journal to unveil an anagram revealing the words Enoch’s sword. Using the anagram and a cartoon drawn by Benjamin Franklin, the two discover a treasure map that will supposedly lead them to the sword of Methuselah. Apparently Franklin, believing his colonies would need a weapon against evil, published a cartoon as a message to all free masons, detailing the location of the fabled weapon. The journal also notes that those who seek the sword must know themselves completely. Henry, having listened in on Ichabod and Abbie’s conversation, instructs the headless horseman to retrieve the sword first.

Meanwhile, Frank Irving is still on the run, while Sheriff Reyes is coordinating with state police to find him. Jenny has been tasked with delivering Irving across the Canadian border and she remains positive, believing they will be able to reclaim his soul and reunite him with his family. Irving, however, remains less than optimistic. Before reaching Canada though, Jenny and Irving run into a police check point. She unwillingly lets Irving out of the car before approaching the police, but not before giving him a burner phone to contact her later. Irving later calls Jenny, telling her he can’t run and hide and would rather fight alongside them.

On the hunt for the sword, Abbie and Ichabod follow their map into the middle of the woods.  The headless horseman, having followed them, arrives hot on their heels and Abbie and Ichabod are forced to play cat and mouse with him. The two are narrowly saved when the sun soon rises, forcing the horseman to flee and giving Ichabod and Abbie the time they need to look for the sword.

While searching, Ichabod muses that it was Abraham who made Ichabod who he was and that the two have always been intertwined since, even if Abraham is now the horseman of death. Throughout flashbacks we see Ichabod and Abraham as former best friends and Abraham suggests Ichabod should join the army and become his own man. It was ultimately Abraham who inspired Ichabod to come to America. In the present day, Ichabod questions how he can know himself when, at every turn, others have decided his life’s path and when Abraham’s influence has been definitive at every turn in his life. Abbie, on the other hand, believes she must be worthy of the path life has set out for her.

Ichabod and Abbie soon discover a door buried within the dirt that reveals an ominous descending spiral staircase. Descending into the dark depths, the two find a cavern full of stone statues. Unfortunately they fail to notice an all too familiar creature spying on them from the darkness. It isn’t long before they discover the statues are not simply statues, but rather people turned to stone by a particular Greek legend called a gorgon, which is capable of turning those who gaze into her eyes to stone. Frustrated, the two are now unsure as to how to proceed, they are so close to the weapon that could be used against Moloch.

However, Abbie believes there is indeed someone who can get the pass the gorgon… the horseman himself. The two wait until the next night, where they hope the horseman will show up and they can lure him into the gorgon’s lair as a distraction.

Back at the manor, Moloch is rapidly growing and is now a young, brooding teenage boy. Henry remarks that Katrina has led Ichabod to his death, having fallen prey to her humanity by contacting Ichabod in secret. Henry then dramatically lifts the enchantment on the house, showing Katrina that what she has really been living in was all an elaborate ruse.

Under the full moon, the horseman arrives as predicted and Abbie and Ichabod lead Abraham into the gorgon’s stony lair. While the horseman is battling the gorgon and providing a distraction, Abbie and Ichabod venture further into the underground passages, discovering a room full of dozens of swords, any of which could be the true sword. Ichabod entrusts Abbie with the task of choosing the correct sword, while he is forced to face the horseman after he swiftly dispatches the gorgon by cleaving her head. The enchanted chamber the two are in allows Ichabod to see Abraham in his entirety and speak with him after decades of silence. Ichabod, calling on their past history, challenges Abraham to one final duel. Abraham eagerly accepts and claims he is what Ichabod has made him, having been betrayed by Ichabod when he stole Katrina. My, these two have quite a lot to work out, both believing the other made each who they are. Before Abraham can shoot Ichabod, a horn sounds and Abraham claims Moloch is calling him to his side. Before leaving, Ichabod tells Abraham jealousy is what made Abraham, not himself and that he choose Moloch out of his own volition.

Meanwhile, Abbie is struggling to decide which sword to choose, but when she decides and picks one up, they all morph into snakes. She is then joined by Ichabod, but Ichabod believes that he cannot see the true sword because he does not know himself. Abbie inspires Ichabod to believe in himself once more, as he is able to see himself most truly through Abbie’s eyes. Side by side, they are able to solve the puzzle together by igniting a pot of oil, revealing a magnificent sword. As Ichabod withdraws the gleaming sword, for a moment, it was like watching him draw Excalibur from the stone.

Back at the manor, all hell has broken loose as Henry, Abraham, and his horsemen, look on proudly at Moloch, who has finally matured into his true form, a large black demonic monster. Katrina looks on in horror from her prison within the mansion. While this was certainly not one of my favorite episodes, it was a necessary lead up into the mid-season finale where Abbie and Ichabod confront Moloch once and for all.

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